I’m scared to fall in love again…it feels like i avoid myself from falling in love…i don’t want to share everything with another strangers..i dont want to start everything from the beginning….i can’t handle the pain from being left alone when they lose their feelings first…i don’t wanna go through the pain again…i’ve been through the pain twice & it’s been really hurts for me…it’s hard to pick myself alone when the one you thought will always be with you left you ….you acts like nothing ever happened between us…we’ve been together for 5 years and one day you just said you lose feelings towards me….it really hurts…you broke me …you make me question my worth…you are happy with the new girl while I’m here still struggling every single day trying to heal myself…i keep praying to God so that He will take this sadness from me and change it to happiness….i pray that you are always in a good health and happy with her…i also pray that one day I can find my true happiness…i have my parents, my siblings, my cats and my friends that always support me and I’m really thankful for them..I know one day I’ll be fine, I won’t cry anymore, I won’t feel the pain in my heart anymore…but all I can look do for now is trying to heal myself and be strong for myself🖤 Deep down in my heart, I pray that I won’t go through this kind of pain because no one should feel this feelings. I hope that I can take a good care of my heart and love myself more🖤

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