Stand My Ground

I watch his eyes flutter
like they’re so afraid of closing.
he’s digging into his own palms
clutching to the bed sheet a little bit too tightly

and I know the cuts
would be bleeding still in the morning.
I know it doesnt make a difference no matter how close
the distance are between our bodies but I just
wanna pull him closer to my chest
the everytime that he thinks
of somebody else

and I’ll clean his wound in the morning.

I want him close to the chest, so close to the chest
that those in his sleep that dares to wake him
would feel me be on my guard
on the other side of his eyelid
all ready to kiss him back to bed
right the moment he wakes up gasping.

so close to the chest that even in dreams
he could still hear my heart pumping
to the rhythm of his breathing.

so close to the chest.
so close to the chest that even in sleep
he could still feel my warmth
to every nook and crannies of his skin.
I wanna melt down onto him
like marking
my territory.

Cant do debate cuz I often forget where my point is going. Also cuz I stutter. Mainly cuz I stutter.
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