Sometime we just need some time to rest from this never ending harsh world. We were all tired, yet we pushed ourselves to the point that we ended up became a burden on ourselves.

Sometime, we need to let off all of this burden for a short period. So that we can actually think and breath properly and continue this never ending walk on this never ending road.

Sometine, we have to share the story of our burden so that it wouldn’t became too heavy on our back. When we don’t share the story of our burden to others, the burden will soon become heavier and heavier to the point that we dropped down and will have a hard time to stand up again.

When life hit you hard, hold it in. Life didn’t hit you alone, life hit everyone else the same. Maybe, it because of our ego that we didn’t want to ask for other’s help. But believe me, you’ll and you need their help.

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