So tell me, love

So tell me about yourself.

Or should I tell you about you?

I bet you love stargazing
Your eyes reflect the whole galaxy with that mischeivious glint
God, I can’t look you staright in the eyes for fear
Fear that you would suck me into those blackholes

I see that you still have that sweet tooth of yours
Can’t seem to have enough of your own candy coated lips
Oh how sweet must the cotton sandy lies they spun tasted
The ones you fed onto others girls lips
and mine

Does evolution still interest you?
Of course it does, you use to love
watching caterpillars spin themselves into cocoons
You fed them compliments and innocent gestures
until they sprout wings in my abdomen
Rioting inside, every flutter of their wings made me fall harder for you

Those sneakers seem scuffed with well-worn out soles
Probably from all the people and responsibilities
You walked away from when thingss became inconvenient for you

But you look well-rested, no bags under your eyes to weigh you down
I guess losing sleep was one of the problems you left me as a parting gift
Along with your demons
Wrapped up nice in a nonchalant tone on top

So do you want to tell me about yourself, love?
Maybe you’ve changed after all these years.

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