Skyrim Part 3

Its been nearly a week since they escape from their capital city . They walk like a dead men walking . Suddenly , Sir Francis shout with his Brittonic accent . Ah at last ! Thee frozen northern kingdom . How I miss the scent of this dull frozen place , come on lad move your arse up ! Finally the noble men had arrived at the northern region , only the bravest and the most lunatic person dare to approach this defile land . Even the wicked King Magnus and his army are afraid of the region . Where the pain from the frostbite could kill you any second . But not Sir Francis and his men . As they bravely walk on the snow while shivering themselves , an arrow hit one of his men with pin point accuracy . The man dies on the spot . Sir Francis commands his men to defend themselves . But they were surrounded by the unknown forces . Then a loud and clear voice was heard . Bloody mercenaries ! Kill them ! As the unknown forces ready to attack them , Sir Francis shouted . Hold your weapon ! Were from the Middlerealm kingdom , were not mercenaries ! Then a moment of silent , surprised by the statement . The unknown forces drop their weapon . A tall and bulk looking guy approaches Sir Francis , and shouted . Ah thee Grand Master of the Middlerealm ! What are you doing here ? Its cold and creepy out here , are you insane ? Sir Francis look at the face of the guy and shocked . Percival , is that you ? Oh my ! He hugs the guy and say , The Middlerealm has fallen . Horrified by the news , the guy shout . What ? It cant be , who dares to challenge the force of nature ? Wait , King Magnus ? Oh my , its dangerous out here , let meet Queen Alessia with haste !

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