She was only sixteen,

Yet her mind wandered about the galaxies like no other beings can do. She recognized every little details on the fireballs and the faraway stars when no other beings can. She carved the rocks and shaped them like the stars of the milky way. With different kind of hues coloured the atmosphere, she breathed in them all. 

She danced her way around Jupiter and hopped on the rings of Saturn and danced like it was her first dance with her groom on her wedding day. She shined like how any other stars would shine. With all her might she pushed herself back to earth like a falling star.And just at the balcony of the house on the corner of that street, a little boy wished upon her.

He wished upon a wishing star. He looked up to her. He told her his worries. 

She was only sixteen,but her heart felt every little emotions any hearts can and can’t feel. She felt things that could forever scar her heart. She felt despair,rage,embarrassed,annoyed,betrayed,hurt, but also she was inspired,she felt joy,proud,strong and she loved.

The miseries she felt upon being neglect, she dig a hole and found a little dusty emotion in the corner of her heart….hope. She hold onto it,treat it like a child and there faith came up to her and fall in love with hope. She’s stronger than any other beings can be as faith and hope unites.

She was only sixteen,

yet she shut her eyes and flee to Neverland with Peter Pan. 
“Give me your hands” he whispered. 
 “The second star to the right,and straight ’till morning” he said. He held her hands and off they went with fairy dusts from Tinker Bell stuck on their icy cold lashes. 

To join him and the lost boys.
To be the first lost girl. 
To never grow up as the world gets more beastly by minutes.
To forever have a childlike mind and a childlike body. 
To escape from the harsh reality and enter the world of immortality where fairies and wisps flew by like it’s a normal day for grocery shopping.

She was only sixteen,

but she had hurdled through life with things that the beings in The Wizard of Oz lacks. She tricked manipulators with her wisdom,she showed her betrayers how huge of a heart she has.
She forgives,

       She forgets.

She braved herself through all the horrendous obstacles she had to face. Life hit her,hard and just when she got up it kicked her in the stomach and let her bleed. But she saw things differently. She accepted the kick and let all the negativity in her lungs escaped and let all the positive vibes entered her. 

With hands as small as an elf’s,she opened it and let everything get caught in her hands. Like the net of a fisherman,not everything great gets trapped. But when he’s blessed with a huge fortune,big fishes came to him. 
The thorns,the sadness,the euphoria…
She accepted everything and smiled. “Thank you” she said everytime.

She was only sixteen,

but she’s already a beautiful aurora herself.

He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time on this, but he finds joy in nothing else. Go easy on him.
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