Take a good glimpse into my eyes,
Some might find them pleasing,
pure as winter snow or summer breeze,
but little do they know.

Take a closer look.
The longer you stare the more you’ll see it.
Sick and weary eyes,
never ending starve for lust.

My mind contains this desirable disease
This sickness rots my heart,
yet i constantly desire more
for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure.

Only if they took the time
to glare into these sick pair of eyeballs,
they’d know how rotten they are,
and how it changed me.

This ailment dried me up into skin and bones,
but all you see is purity and goodness.
it is the might of the one Lord,
that hides the monstrosity of endless lust.

Allah is the Most Loving,
I’ll always be hoping
that it will all end
and I’ll be able to turn down this lustful glance.

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