Sick and Twisted mindset

Have you ever felt like bad things happend because someone screwed up?

But in reality, it was all you.

You messed up something but cant seem to blame yourself.

You choose to be ignorant.

You choose to blame others,

for things that you did.

Kept on reminding yourself,

that you didnt do anything wrong.

Kept on thinking that everyone did you wrong,

Eventhough they didnt.

Then, You started to think that everyone are against you.

Then, You started to think everyone hates and neglects you.

Then, you realized how unworthy of you living in this world.

Then, you would want to vanish from this world.

It stops when you snapped out of your sick perception.

And life will deem to be normal,

until you had the same episode.

At the end, you realized how sick and twisted your mindset is.

21. Female. A girl with many issues. Expressing myself in my own words.
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