Shot in the dark

Right or wrong couldn’t be determined
If there’s no such evidence
Day by day thoughts been intertwined
Somehow it could be nonsense

But sometimes mind couldn’t been controlled
Then heart bursts into flame
And the negative thoughts conquered
No one to blame

Please make it right if it’s wrong
Not to accuse, just surmise
Those overthinking thoughts are getting strong
All this time, have been thinking of not being wise

Please do not deny the truth
When it’s vividly could be seen
Why beleaguering her in ruth
Instead she’ll let you win

Stop thwarting just concede
Let’s end this scrap of bemusing and feckless
Of non existence rumbling that have been created
It’s all useless

The splurge undoubtedly reveal the honesty
Tinge her of unraveling secret
She’s no longer a soppy and a potty
It’s time to bury a hatchet
Knowing where she stands
Leaving her close-fisted
High and dry

sorry im still learning
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