She Was Broken

It was nothing but a gesture. A simple gesture, saying “can I help you? In the form of letters and flowers.

He knew she was broken. She tweeted about it. She wrote about it in her blog. She posted on Facebook. About that jerk, she said. That jerk who left her for someone else. That jerk who never remembered her birthday. That jerk who never bothered to ask her wrong. She thought she needed a change of wind. Thus, the wind brought him.

She fell in love with him. She thought of him as a blessing. She fixed herself as she got into a relationship with him.

He was sweet. As sweet as a flower’s scent on the first day of spring. As sweet as honey, melting in your mouth. Or so she thought. He was sweet. As sweet as a bubblegum. The sweetness last, but not forever. In the end, they broke up.

She is broken. You know she is. The question is…

will you break her again?

If so, you are just going to be another “him”.

As black as it is.
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