I’m sorry my brain don’t have on and off button where I can forget or remember someone when morning comes

1. U r always on my mind
2. I love u the way u r
3. Knp aku rasa ko jauh sgt
4. I change, I change because I love u so much
5. Stop blame me, my life was okay before u came
6. I just want to be in your life but u never let me be
7. I miss u so much. I listen back to ur songs. .. im sorry if I make u feel less perfect …. but if u came when I call u.. when I call u to be real …. aku xakan buat perangai mcm tu
8. I miss u
9. Sorry if I border u
10. Yes, u can hate me, i know u move now
11. Am i sound desperate? No i just want u to know that i change for reason and u r the reason………

* i even said sorry when i don’t need to, so i hope u know that my feeling is real

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