Self-Taught Child

“Where did you learn this?”

Most would ask me this. A 22-year old who could crochet bags, pouches and much more. People was amused as it was not a common hobby here in Malaysia plus a young-adult?. My answer would always be “My mom, she was a start” She is. She is a start to all the hobby.


I learnt to make friendship bracelet when I was just 9 or 10. My mom didn’t taught me that but get me started. We would enter the chinese side of the bookstore because craft books at that times was all in chinese. She would get me the threads and strings & then I would slowly read those books not knowing a word of chinese or mandarin. I just literally see the pictures and try and error.

I learnt to cross-stitch at the age of 12 (I think lah). I wanted my mom to teach me so badly that I would wait infront her room, waiting for her to finish her prayers and beg for her to teach me. She finally did, the 1st project was a bookmark. up untill today I still stitch some.


I learnt alot. I tried tatting, watercolour painting, the friendship bracelet had a lot of phase, lil bit of beading & just too much.

Currently, crochet. I didn’t know what started it but my mom taught me the basic & I broke her daiso crochet needle. & the rest I learnt it on the internet. I would watch youtube videos or read out the patterns. I tried stuffs that my mom never even did. She was good at making doileys and using tiny yarns while I like it bulky medium sized yarns.


She was the real reason why I’m good at teaching myself. She didn’t know what I’m creating or doing but she supported me. She would bring me to craft shops and get the supplies. She would do her own research and tells me what she found on the internet. She was the only reason that I had too much hobby to start with. She wouldn’t mind spending RM100 on stuffs that she for sure know that I would get bored after a few minutes or days.


She was the reason that I became a self-taught child.

I'm writing down my own emotions hope for people out there feels the same way & does not feel lonely.
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