Second Lead Character

He said, i always run away when he got angry at me, how could i not? he’s so painful to love, i just want to protect my heart, but i cant resist myself from him, he’s all i really want, no matter how hard and hurt i am from loving him, it was hard, but its beautiful and he makes me stay, i’m so sorry i’m not strong enough for you, i always lose when compared to her, no matter what aspect, i always lose, i never win, i tried my best, but i still cant win, i hate myself, he must be missing her so much whilst i’m missing him like crazy here, he must be thinking how great she was when they were together while i’m crying now, he must felt the lose so much and hope he can have it all back, like always, i’m just the second leading character here, the person who exist to fill the emptiness of the hero that was left by the heroin, i’m just a back up, useless

A certain someone that's not worth for your love
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