screwing up too much till it would lead to absolute destruction

I thought being a virgin is a cool thing to have. Not having a gf, never been into a date, hands still pure from touching women, befriends with everybody which eventually leads to marriage with whoever i want.

but now i realize its silly, in fact im struggling how to treat the woman that i like

all this started back then when i was a loner while rest of housemate go somewhere with their date, left only me alone with pc and so stupid weird shit like i cant even remember what did i waste my time on back then. prolly something related with weeb-shit. now, to console the feeling of despair, i said to myself that i should be proud of not following the norms, i am what i am, dont force things because everybody’s been doing it. you lead your own life.

yeah sure, a good piece of advice that ended up biting my own ass(because i dont have a tail, so ass).

like i said, now im struggling how to treat some person other than my mom or my sister. its because i dont have a fucking experience over it. every action every words every spoken things made me terrified of the outcome. all these because i want to have a perfection. you see, perfection leads to fear of error, fear of error leads to fear of trying, fear of trying leads to not giving effort or half-assed effort. so yeah, sometimes its good to have flaws or make mistakes, because we can learn from it. just like in class, you wrote the calculation wrongly for the first attempt. but you got it right during second attempt, because you have experience, you know the answer would lead to wrong outcome, and what you’re basically doing is avoiding the wrong route.

now im at the verge of not even having a partner before i have my last breath on this planet

i figured out the importance of dating, its not all about unleash your inner lust. its about understanding your significant other. i mean how else would people be privately open with each other if it wasnt for that relationship status. unless you’ve been bff before the earth was created. being a couple is more than just a status, its a mutual agreement that both parties are willing to give and take to a certain deeper level. sure there will be arguments and disagreement, but its the differences that made you want to respect each other even more than your company ceo or that guy who claims to be our prime minister.

why do unmarried girls prefer married guy even though he is married? because married guy know how to treat his girls, what kind of affection can he provide. sure he is cheating, but is that even the case now? the point remains there, married guys can get shit done better than a virgin who’s clueless about “what am i supposed to do with this girl? eat her?”.

to the single cucks out there, dont be afraid, dont question too much over the logic, make a leap towards that girl you’ve been stalking since day-1. you might not be knowing what do to or fail miserably during first attempt on present day, but ill assure you wont be for the years to come.

p/s: ‘bercinta selepas nikah’ or arranged marriage is for people who cannot decide how he want to lead his life, merely following mandatory stuffs. like how people want to go into science degree, because he was asked to do so.

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2 thoughts on “screwing up too much till it would lead to absolute destruction

  1. Coming from a girl, I’d say cluelessness is fine, but like the 1st commenter said, u have to make it up with efforts to get to know her better ~ (i think everyone needs effort to know people tbh).

    Though I think your main issue is on perfection. Don’t worry your head about it. Getting to know someone doesn’t require perfection. You just go with the flow and learn on the go.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. From know nothing to know something.

    “why do unmarried girls prefer married guy even though he is married? because married guy know how to treat his girls, what kind of affection can he provide.”

    I’m not really agree with this statement.

    There’s nothing wrong if you don’t have experience in relationship. Clueless of what to do next is okay for me. But at least make an effort to get to know each other more.

    “dont be afraid, dont question too much over the logic”

    Sometimes people make stupid decision without thinking. If we follow too much on our logic, where’s the fun? eh.

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