Sad eyes that smile

The moon wanes tonight
and my heart feels nothing
no, this is not another love poem
this is about me losing touch with reality
and not wanting to go back
I wish I could remain lost
in this forsaken sanctuary
Why do I feel so at peace
when I am surrounded by none
nothing but my shadows
keeping me company
at night
whilst during the day
I’d stare at the reflection in glasses and mirrors
and I am unable to recognize myself
I am becoming unfamiliar in my own eyes
Is this a good thing?
I am unsure
I feel lost
and it has never felt so liberating
I am close to that happiness
I have sought after in life
maybe there is still hope
for me yet….

I wish you could see me now
and see how utterly alone I am these days
with dead poetry and sad songs keeping me company
I would close my eyes at night
and lie down with the windows wide open
the wind would blow softly
and I swear it feels like you’re sitting beside me 
and that makes my heart stop and restart slowly
time has never been our forte 
my eyes would remain shut
until I float away and meet you in dreams
that soon after become nightmares
because the sun would rise and chase away the moonlight
and I would wake up 
knowing that you’d be gone
as soon as my eyes are open
I wish time would be on my side
one day
and I needn’t open my eyes ever again.

Sometimes, I write.
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