Berikan aku sedikit ruang untuk speak my mind for a change,
For it has been quite some time since I last tulis anything,
So obviously I’ve got a lot terbuku dalam ruang hati yang near exploding,
Segala persoalan di minda I can’t no longer simpan within,
Because the truth is out there bak kata X-Files if you’ve seen you’d understand…I think;

Kadang-kadang it’s good to take a break from everything,
Bukan lari from reality cuma finding yourself and segala apa lain yang lebih penting,
So you give yourself some time and a whole lot of space…to just re-think,
Evaluate feelings and not just fikir sampai pening,
And soon you’ll come to terms with stuff and realise that…jeng jeng jeng,
The problem lies within bukan with everyone in your surrounding;

Sure sometimes life imitates art tapi itu yang they say lah ya,
For me during my brief hiatus I mula discover kisah sebenarnya,
That the fact of the matter is that life is stranger dari Fixi or sewaktu dengannya,
If you don’t get the gist I meant lebih luarbiasa kisah kita than that of fiction rekaan semata-mata,
So ready your pen and edit where you can because percayalah bila I kata,
You’re the author…not him or her, definitely not mereka semua,
Jadi when you’ve got the time and chance juga ruang to luahkan segalanya,
Go ahead and make yourself heard…lontarkan suara, kongsi cerita.

Poetically incorrect. Bilingual.
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