happy friday. here i go again.

last night i fell asleep earlier than the usual time because throughout the day i was at work and i had pms pain and headache until i returned home. i went to bed at 9.30  pm  just as i finished folding clothes and couldn’t sit any longer with my parents watching tv cause i was too tired and just really need some rest. i lied down on my bed and kept my phone away before i shut down a few minutes later. i had a really good sleep. and including dreams where i met familiar faces, a lot, these days. same people. i’m aware that yesterday and the day before, i got tired after doing little things and easily get pissed at smallest things. and driving down the highway for half an hour while dealing with headache is so unfamiliar to me.

today i woke up at 6.20 am for prayer and i helped mum in the kitchen. since i have my day off today and not having anything planned out for the entire day i start to feel bored already but my mum has asked me to do some chores so i’ll be doing it later after i finish writing.

started earlier this March, i have realized my routine changed a bit. which makes me a wiser person and even more independent. but yeah so tiring but i’m ok with it. here’s how my daily routine works>


6.20      my mum wakes me up for subuh. (if stay rumah sewa baru bangun sendiri hehe)

7.00      i help mama preparing food or i clean the kitchen or make my own meals

       laundry(lipat baju/letak baju dlm washing machine)

8.00       i take some time to just sit in my room, relaxing and scrolling my soc med

       i prepare my attire and stuff to bring to work

sometimes i clean the living room or other bedrooms

9.00       i do some stretching or quick workout at home and have breakfast

9.40       shower and skincare routine

       preparing my lunchbox

10.15       get my make up done and dress up

11.00       pick up things and leave the house

(usually i drive more than 25 mins to work cause it takes 17km thru the highway tapi kereta banyak dan lembab so it takes a bit longer) (i play my playlist in the car and sing when i drive alone cos nobody can hear)

I arrive at work terus thumbprint and start hustling and enjoy every moment

6.50       check-out thumbprint and leave to head back to home


and then i arrive home about 7.30 and take my shower, dinner, organize my next schedule and things, do some chores and go to bed usually at 10.30 pm.

so i have most of my time just alone and by myself. sometimes when i reach home my family just decide to go out for some errands and i just don’t come with them cause my energy is drowning.

this might looks like everything is organized, well and all right. but sometimes, i still have hard times alone, cry before i go to bed and when things hit me again and over again. everyday is like a battle to completely heal. i just have to tell myself i will stand up and deal with this, i’m wiser now. i shift my focus and take everything as my strength.


not even my bffff knows what i’m doing. only my closest family.

that is all now,bye.


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