Rotten Potatoes

Disclaimer: You might have to be a potato for a while reading this (if you’re)!


Have you had heard of this saying,

“Newborn babies look like a potato”

If you did, say ‘thank you internet’, for the memes.


Imagine yourself as a potato now,

Well I did,



It been harvested from the soil,

So does us, from our mother’s womb.

The difference is we grow,



You have to endure the unbearable pain being mashed and get pounded,

Just to turn yourself into delicious, juicy mash potato.

Only to be enjoyed with good gravy or tasty creams.


You’ll be diced into pieces,

To make a great flavor of curry combination,

Though at the end, the spices takes the title.


You’ll be cut into thin strips,

That you can shine yourself in menus at KFC’s and McD’s,

But to be side-on, the option you get to be more visible perhaps,


Burn yourself at extreme temperatures,

To be plated as baked potatoes in a party,

You forget again, the little drizzled cheese makes them happy.


Or you just can choose to be set aside, useless.

Time crawls slowly,

Only to turn yourself into rotten potato,


Just picked from the soil,

To slimy, smell awful and releases deadly gaseous,

That potentially can kill a life!



You still can be either to be part of the curry,

Or make your presence strongly felt in the menus,

Never mind if someone else stole the show from you,

Just don’t let them equate you in non-senses,

Like haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

Wondered what the connection?

Don’t let others do that to you.

Fill someone’s tummy and make’em feel good.

Put this in mind,

There’s always someone out there who loves potato itself.

Like how I do.

Turning irrelevant thoughts into words. *Apologies for mistakes in my posts.
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