Putri looked outside her window. She was feeling depressed. It has been days since she her problem occured. She have tried numerous ways to solve the problem but none of them work. She was feeling exhausted. Her tummy was rumbling but she could not bring herself to eat.

Rose entered the room, patting Putri on her back.

“ Sorry I come late, dear. This is the fastest I could come. Now… tell me about your problem. Have you been eating? You look terrible”

Putri shooked her head. She rested it on Rose shoulder. Rose hugged her and stroke Putri’s hair gently. The truth is she could guess what Putri’s problem were. They had been best friend since forever. Even when she was ‘the old Rose’ till now. In fact, Putri was one of the people who had encouraged and made her confident to take a very big decision in her life.

“ Come, let’s pray Asar first before we talk,” Putri comforted Rose and held her hand. “ Have you done solat sunat hajat yet?”

Putri shooked her head. She was feeling a little embarassed with herself now. She looked at Rose. Her sweet chinese face was even prettier with the hijab on. She was almost always cheerful. Five years ago, she was the one who had convinced Rose not to be afraid and not to have fear because Allah is always with them. She had told Rose that whatever problem Rose had, any insecurities or any dissapointment, she could turn to Allah for help and guidance. Have she forgotten her own words? Or has she been too dazzled by the world that she had strayed far from the Creator.

Putri wiped her tears. she was feeling a little stronger now. She knew Rose could not have help her but Rose has reminded her of the thing she needed to remember the most. Rose was an amazing person. After she made that change five years ago, she had really improve herself. Even before that she was a good friend but after ‘that change’ Rose had become an amazing person. She increases her knowledge day by day and her faith grew. Anyone could see the happiness in Rose eyes after that.

“ Do you remember the meaning of Surah Al-Insyirah?” Rose asked Putri.

Putri nodded.

“ Good. Let’s pray Asar together. Then we can  look at the meaning again. That’s what I do when I have problems,” Rose added.

With that Putri made her step to the bathroom to take her wudhu.

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