Rindu – Unknown



The feeling of missing someone.

Far away.


Is deadly.


I longed for that warm hands to caress mine.

And that eye gaze looking at me,


Warming up my cold cold night,

I miss you,

Is what I wish to say.



Rindu to see you smile can’t be kept at bay.

Wishing you close to me,

But im afraid to take the leap.

Showing my heart is hard,

What’s more my demons.

The good and the bad,

Im still contemplating,

Whether we could make it.


Are you sure you want to be with me?

Someone like me?

The secrets you’ve been holding back,

And secrets that I tryna bury every day,

Can we just not talk about it.

Can we just put it all behind us?

For I don’t really care about who you are in the past.

Anything in the past doesn’t really concern me now.



For all I know,

I still love you.

In the past, present and forever more.


So can we just lay everything behind,

And move on?

Paving a new road,

Linking our future together,

If you wish for it,

Then I am too.



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