It was a weird to know each other this way. But then if you didn’t text and ask for my number, we wouldn’t know each other. We will never meet and this following event wouldn’t happen.

We get so comfortable with each other in instant and i never dream of meeting a guy version of me. Despite our relationship with other people, we still remain friend and close as ever. Who said a guy and a girl couldn’t be friends?

You were there when he left me. Give me strength and make sure i was okay. I was flatter and i guess that’s when the feeling came in. That stupid stupid feeling. Even though i told myself a million times that whatever i felt for you was temporary because i was lonely and you always there. And even though you had her now, that feeling never change but weirdly enough i didn’t feel jealous or whatever. Still the feeling stay and it came strong as ever and i just ignore it, hope it go away someday.

But like any cliche story, we shared the same feeling but just too freaking ego to admit it. And when i decide to go back to him, you stopped me but you never explain when i ask you. So i left and you were distance. I guess maybe, just maybe, i hope you fight for me and really try your hardest to stop me. But you never did. You just left. And you don’t know how broken i am because i need you, my best guy friend. I wanted to shared lots of story with you, the good and the bad, like we used to. But you never there.

And when i finally had you, it all seems too late because you were gone. You were long gone when i had you. You change to the person you swore you never be and we were never the same. Everything’s changing. And what past is past. It just some kind of memory that bury deep inside my mind and i thought of you and us when i miss you.

I wish i could go back in time and feel it once again, the happiness that we shared. But i can only revisit and cherished those moments we had together. And it’s okay.

I just wished you the best and hope you were happy wherever you are and in whatever you do.

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