“i will only marry you when you had already resign”

Dear future, do you really think that my work is more important than you..  That my work is that much worth more than you..  That money actually been the reason we always faught..

My work is never a reason..

Money is never a reason..

The only reason is you..

How come you never did understand how i felt,  what i need, and what i want from you..


My job and the money that i earned were never been the real issue..

And never it become a reason..

The reason I’ve change because I’ve been hurt to much along our journey..

Did you even understand what is inside my heart..

My love,

Even before you asked me to resign..  I already had the thought to resign and stay with you..

I don’t even have to had a second thought..

Your point is that i change because i had money, a bigger career, a bigger company that’s making me change.

But actually love,

you just don’t know me that well..  Ive been hiding it all in before cause i was so afraid you wontt love me..  That i was afraid that you would leave me..  I shut my mouth, i close my ear, i blind my eyes..

My feelings,  my thought..  They were there but never did it slip out to your hearing.


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