remind me

I can’t remember the time when it wasn’t dark,
When I wasn’t suffocating with the voices in my head,
Telling me that that light at the end of the tunnel I’m hoping for,
Is a myth.
I don’t remember what it was like to smile,
Without having the thought that I don’t deserve this,
To have the perfect smile carved on my face
Just because I wasn’t good enough,
And never will I be.
I forgot what it’s like not to think about death all the time,
To think what it would feel like to have a bullet in your head,
To wish someone would put an end to this feeling – life,
I don’t wish to kill myself,
But I’m certainly desperate to taste death.
So help me,
Remind me who I was before the darkness took over,
Remind me the reasons why I do deserve to have even the slightest feeling of happiness,
Remind me that no matter how many times I gave up, or mess up,
I’d still deserve to breathe.

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