is never effortless
Faith is built
from gratitude
and guilt
It appears
in the form of light
From the hollow darkness
that we feel on lonely nights

Emptiness is a feeling
that we fight with all our might
Yet the emptiness we feel
is what the heart needs to heal
From the distractions
From the attachments
That we start to hold on to
That we let our hopes to hang on to
be sure that they will never hurt
But no surprise
They’re only a thread
That we even barely could tread
back and found out
only our sorrows and worries
And try to put a stop on our griefs

So my dear, please
Please let the emptiness heal
Let it remind you of your worries
and what is real
Let it remind you of who
is the only one that could make your sorrows disappear
Who would listen to your whispers
and feel ashamed of not granting
what you deserve
Who pours nothing to you but
mercy and love

So remember that faith works both ways and that one side is already perfected
That He has faith in you
So have faith
in Him.

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