Do you remember when we used to ride a horse together?
When you almost fell down but I held you tighter,
Since then I promised to be your protector,
And treat you like you’re my master.

Do you remember when we carved our names in coastal land?
And you immerse my body in the sand,
You’d told me to be your Iron Man,
Since then I promised you that I’ll never let go of your hands.

Do you remember when we used to count the stars at night?
You’d wondered what the world would be like without sunlight,
I replied ‘Even in darkness, I’ll always make your day bright’,
You smiled and said ‘You’re my knight’

Oh sweetheart, I’d poured you with my kisses,
To make you remember our love phrases,
Under the eyes of heavens,
You’ll always be my angel.

in the other side, i feel hopeless.
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