Regret is bitter.

Regret. What is regret?

a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

The synonyms would be repentance, guilt & sorrow.

Regret is a feeling I would like to avoid. Because when you regret something, you can’t do anything to change it. All you can do is live with the decisions that you made. Even when that decision gave you sorrow and a pile of sadness.

Regret is a killer. It’s like you were forced to live with guilt,and that guilt will push you off the edge. It’ll take your happiness, It’ll take your strength, It’ll take your everything. Because you will live….thinking about all the things that you could’ve said or done, but you didn’t.

For instance, if you like someone. You could actually start something simple. Like asking them simple questions and expecting simple answers. But you didn’t do that because you decided that you wanted to be a coward and just stand behind your shadows, expecting them to be acknowledge you. Well let me enlighten you, boys don’t realize things until you tell them clearly. They don’t understand it when you speak with “double meaning”. It’s nature, they just don’t.

And in life, it’s best that you proceed with what you want. Pursue you dreams and follow your passion. Because the one that’s gonna live your life is YOU. Not your mom, not your dad, not your grandfather or your friends. If you like cooking, go for culinary. Don’t go for medic or engineering because of your outstanding results! It’s really important that you follow your dreams, because that’s what gonna keep your going, your interest.

Try to live life without regret. Do everything that makes you happy. And I guarantee that you’re going to look back and see all the decisions that you made brings you to who you are today.

Nothing could go wrong then.

You could listen to my stories and learn from it.
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