#20 Recently …

I haven’t update my post for quite a long time. When someone mentioned about it, then I just realized. Many things happened in a short time but I don’t have any ideas how to share them in words.


There is a guy who I really interested with. I don’t fall for his face, I fall for his sense of humor and voice. Yup, I usually like people based on their voices. Weird ? But that’s how I am.

But … we’re nothing more than just a friend and I feel comfortable this way.

I do feel I wanna keep him but I can’t. I don’t want to control people lives. Even I. myself love to be freedom.

I wanted to love him more. To try to love again but when he mentioned he didn’t want to give a false hope, I accepted it. When I think about future, anything can happen.
But I don’t like the answers he gave to me.

“Don’t wait for me, you’ll lose the chance to meet a better person than me”.

Really damn hate it. Why can’t you see yourself someone is better for me? *sigh*

But one thing he needs to realize, if he’s still here and support me from zero until something, he’ll be the one that I choose in future. I pray for the best in our future. But, his ex still wants him back. *sigh again*

When he said people don’t see much on efforts, they get what they want. Em hello? Supporting each other considered as an effort you’re doing without realizing it. Taking care of me and makes me happy are the efforts too. A simple way of doing it make me fall for you deeper.

But, I always keep it to myself. I even not sure with my own feelings. If between us is love or it’s just that he’s someone I care?

One year left, then I’ll be far away from him. Let’s see what will happen next. Shall we?

Love to count fishes in the ocean.
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2 thoughts on “#20 Recently …

  1. I hate it when someone I like/love says “You’ll find someone better” “You’re too good for me” I dunno I will feel like they’re just excuses and what they really wanna say is like the other way around

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