rare kind of one sided love

I bet y’all had experience one sided love. But for me, it is different kind of love. Mine ain’t about boys. Neither ’bout crushes. It is between me, and my family.

Just now, my dad texted in my family whatsapp’s group chat.

Dad : Who wants chicken? There’s some on the table
Me : Ill eat it
Dad : Never said it is for you

Why can’t I eat the chicken?

Another similar story happened before. Also in group chat.

Bro : Who want maxis topup? I accidentally bought maxis’
Me : I’ll used since i used that line
Bro : My money ain’t for you

Different stories also happened. Where I was left out from family vacations. Yes. Vacations. Lots of vacations.

I just want to know reasons why I’m treated differently. Then I would be glad to leave.

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17 thoughts on “rare kind of one sided love

  1. You should confront them. I know it won’t be easy but it’s better than just staying quiet and being treated like that.

  2. I hope it gets better. I hope your heart heals as much as it was hurt.

    sometimes family can be as distant as strangers, and I’m sorry. πŸ™

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