I always felt like im not enough.
Not enough to fit in the people expectations of me.
People always thought that I am a one tough cookie.
But hey, cookies break apart too.
It mellowed when being dawn in water or milk.
Or simply break into pieces when being thrown on the floor

I am just like that.
I torn apart inside and out too when my heart was broken.
When I accidentally hit a cat while driving.
When all I can do was watching his soul slowly drift away from its body.
When my siblings call me murderer.
Even when he was joking.
Even he actually did not mean any of it.

Is it wrong for me to take it to heart what he said to me?
When the one who utters the harsh words was him and not me?
Even when he is merely joking?
And is it absurd of me to be feeling this way?

Maybe before I showed no emotion.
Maybe before I can brush it off.
Saying he is joking.
But until when?
Until when do we just let people said whatever they want?
Without thinking of other people’s feelings?
Isn’t being kind is what we were taught to be?

People aren’t the same.
No one is the same.
People adjusting and adhering to things in various ways.
So why can’t people just be nice and kind?
Don’t speak up if you have nothing good to say.
Or think. Think hard before you hurt someone with your words.
Words that we utter are often sharper than knife.
Be nice. Always and always.
Or just shut the f*** up.


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