Ramadhan Muslims

We tried.

Sorry we’re not as pious.
Sorry we only managed to avoid and not retain.
Sorry 30 days were too short.
Sorry it wasn’t up to your standard.
Sorry we tried.

We begged for Allah’s forgiveness.
We begged for Him to allow us to Istiqamah.
We begged to the Divine to guide us to the right path.
May this Ramadhan bring meanings to all practicing Muslims.

May our heart be cleanse, may we see the world clearly from a better point of view.
May we continue trying even when it’s no longer Ramadhan.
May we help each other, and support each other through this journey.
May Allah bless us all.

I pray we avoid the term Ramadhan Muslim.
I pray our hearts won’t judge.
I pray our hearts won’t feel superior.
I pray we won’t judge others.

I pray we fix ourselves before pointing the flaws of our neighbours.

There is no such thing as a Ramadhan Muslim.
May we all see that.

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