Ramadan Rhymes

sitting on this sajadah on a night with full moon
thinking how fifteen nights had flown by too soon
from the mosque outside I hear the muezzin’s call
his melodic voice booms in these four walls
dear God grant me forgiveness for my slips and sins
confer me with much wisdom and acumen
cast me away from the devil’s deception
let me bow to you in quiet prostration
be near to You each night as You descend
hear my du’aa until the night ends
stop me from acts that would bring Your ire
Ya Allah, prevent me from being cast into Your hell fire
make me refrain from unwanted desires
so I could stay away from short-lived pleasures
give me the strength to hold my tongue
so I speak good words to the old and young
no gossips, lies, swear, or slander
backbite my friends, or submit to anger
I want to be more careful with each word I say
make me not be led astray
or be unfocused each time I pray
I want to remember You through the day
I hope to be beside Your servants
the ones who showed righteousness and obedience
I humbly submit myself to You
to join the others who rely on You
teach me to do good deeds and charity
wash my heart so I do them with sincerity
shelter me with Your love
bless my nights when i’tikaf
where there’s no idle talking
no silly tweeting
YouTube, games, or random messaging
separate me from the ones misled
make me patient for things You have decreed
I pray to You, my only Master
guide me with Your words through Your Messenger
I know the end of Ramadan is near
please wait, I need another prayer
I want nothing else except being Your worshipper
focusing on things I’ve been neglecting
on the Hereafter, instead of worldly things
please shield me from my enemy,
that is myself, cover me with chastity
bestow on me Your mercy
strengthen me to face obstacles
in this life that seem impossible
there’s just so many thanks I’ve to give
for all Your blessings I’ve received
I haven’t been the best of Your slave
I need a saviour, I’m a soul to be saved
as I write these verses
I read Your verses
I am far from perfect, please conceal my defects
make me decrease my mistakes
from You I ask for protection
for my days blessed with contentment
for time for repentance
and rezeki in abundance
illuminate my heart with Your light,
my Guardian
on this Ramadan night,
I pray in supplication

There must be a Pulitzer material in my drafts here somewhere...
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