Hello fellow readers and writers.
its been a while since i’ve wrote here and how is everybody doing? i hope everyone is doing well, regardless where everyone is.
i’ve been spending a lot of time in the internet and what i did was stalking and judging, like i always did haha
there are lots of women in the internet, some are born with silver spoon in their mouth, others do businesses and travel the world with their own money, and yup a lot of people laaa yg you can find in the internet, yang rempit lah, yg menunjuk boyfriend laaa
but i am really really inspired by women who are born with really really smart brains and they successfully graduated in medicine or engineering or even psychology. maybe because i am an engineering student, thats why i tend to relate to them more.
i have a sister, studying medicine. its really amazing to have a doctor in the house, eventhough she’s still in her third year, but when my grandmother is having a problem with her blood pressure, or some of us are having menstrual problems, she can relate to what she studied, and even diagnosed some of the cases.
and then there’s me, who’s currently in my first year of engineering, and i cant even teach my brother modern mathematics properly because i kinda suck at maths. i’ve always have these kind of insecurities yknow, either i can be a reliable person or not in the future. i am not really sure if i can properly graduate because my gpa sucks, and i have lots of classes that i fail terribly.
but like i always tell myself, probably the pain that i felt now is actually not as worse as what others feel. maybe some of us do not have any chance of getting a proper education, while being me, i am blessed with scholarship.
whatever it is, it is always going to be rain before the rainbow comes.
and we just got to embrace it 🙂

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