pet peeves.

so i have came across tweets about cleanliness and people’s attitude. and i could relate it to my daily observation too, which adds up to my pet peeves list.

so they are;

  • people who leave the dining table messy after they take their meals. they don’t even try to clean the leftovers dropped from their plates, leave their drinking glasses, used tissues, the ketchup bottles let open. i wouldn’t mind to see he glasses on the table but should there be 5 glasses being left when 5 people had their meals? i can’t negotiate with this kind of attitude every single day. so messy and disturbing to my eyes…
  • leaving the dishes full in the sink after cooking. i get it when one person is making food for the whole family and just get exhausted after done making them and expect other fam members to do it but if there’s more than 1 person cook and they leave the sink full with the containers please practice “Clean As You Go”. cause logically, after you done cooking and get a bit tired or rush to do other stuff, just later on you would feel more burden when you return to the kitchen after a tiring day or even relaxing day, it turns out “another job” to do. isn’t that annoying? as for me, when i cook for my family alone i’ll multitask things. (sambil masak kat atas dapur tu sambil clean dishes and bekas kat sinki when you can let the food being cooked dulu) i do it quickly and things are organized just when you finish cooking and after that tak nampak dah kerja yang tak settle kat dapur tu. it’s so easy i can even cook sambil buat laundry??
  • let the floor wet and not wipe or mop it dry. sometimes could be difficult to keep it dry all the time but if every half an hour you need to mop the floor aren’t you tired?? or am i too fussy about it? if yes then yes i am. cause i like to go to the kitchen and see if there’s any snacks.
  • can we all not leave the unnecessary things on the floor? whatever it could be, there’s a rack, cabinet then why choose floor. i could slipped on it or hurt my foot stepping on it. you only hurt other people before you realize you hurt yourself when your things are broken. sorry not sorry.
  • put your containers or cups in the sink for the rest of the day and expect other people to clean it for you????? im so angry.


ok im being grumpy. til next time.

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