pep talk

I’m so  tired of  this MCO (CMCO). I don’t know if there’s a job opportunity actually waiting to call me just when the quarantine ends and all sectors open again and re-progress so the companies regain and stable again and open the job opportunities to many people who have been job-seeking and who lost their job affected by the pandemic situation. Now that everyday I wake up I be thinking what I’d do and there’s just many ways to be productive but guess I have lost my interests to be so. Like, I just exist. Nothing much. I mentally need someone there to talk. I want to talk about my preparation to write the proposal. My point of view. My perspective. I want to start doing the work. But I can’t do it alone. So I’m patiently waiting til the end of quarantine and be able to travel to places again and meet people and do more.  I have been thinking, worrying, and I wasted a lot of my time.

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