Past Tense in its purest form

It was the part when it happened slowly
when you know that it is happening
and there is nothing that you can do
that can actually slow the process
let alone put it on a halt

It was the moment when you use the word ‘was’
or ‘were’ or ‘used to’ when talking about it
when all you can do is try to not
reconstruct memories in your head
although it does seem better and better each time
you tell the story to someone else

And with each narrative,
the people in those memories seemed to be better
than those you have in your current reality

nostalgia killed the poet
and as you write about it
your heart feel less and less burdened
yet melancholic
yet full of hope
yet optimistic

It was the moment when you look back
and it no longer hurts
it no longer stir up feelings
it no longer creates a hurricane of emotion
it no longer is part of your ‘now’

That’s when you know you’ve moved on.

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