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Dreamer; published poet.

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Tell Him I Do Not Get It

tell him the words are in clumps i do not know what to show him. apart from where it hurts. tell him to look where i point exactly. tell him i said please. tell him i cannot feel my chest that the void does not help and that i miss him. tell him i said […]

If I Were A Man

if only i were a man, then id atleast have a chance, to love you even before life began, and finally make your heart whole again.   if only i were a man, will i then be in your hands?  will your embrace be more than just between longing friends?  and will my efforts finally […]

literally thank u next

2018 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I feel like it’s been here forever. As a matter of fact, it’s still here. Here’s a recap on my 2018. Earlier this year, it was pretty good. Nothing oh so significant. Getting in to 2018, so many things happened. Good one and the bad one. […]


if only i can meet you again in the future, I seriously want to ask you this one things, “why did you do that? why did you give me hopes when you know you’re still in love with someone else? why did u act like you’re single and makes me fall for you when you […]

we cant be defined

what are we? we shall not be define as what we are to each other is never consistent we used to be classmate then cherish each other and became friend or should i say bestfriend but at certain time we act like we never knew one another once we passed that phase we thought we […]

Let Me Start Over

I wish someone would have sat me down and told me To explore my options and expand my potentials To follow my heart rather than trusting my head blindly Rather than confining myself to the constricting mould of society  I wish they would have told me not to go on a chase impulsively  Just for me […]


i searched in google for a certain words in spanish so when i tweet it it will feel less sad but i clearly understand at that moment i am very sad which is makes me truly understand i am nobody every words that come out cuts through people’s throat every face that i met will turned […]


I let myself embrace this wicked hunger That keeps hunting me like a wild thunder My mind then begins drifting into the dark sky Is this what it feels like? To die? But I still breathe you and take you in Until I willingly become a part of you Cold shiver crawls on my icy […]

was it hope or anything else

we always thought, that when we give in so much that we would get something back in return.  that’s what we always do, we hope. but they never actually tell you that hopes can actually kill. not physically.  it could ache every single part of you, and every single inch of happiness left in your […]

I’m sorry that I love you

Dear you, I’m sorry that I love you. Despite knowing everything about you, I still fall for you. I know that your love can’t never be for me. I swear I didn’t realise when it happened, and honestly it took me weeks to actually admit that I love you. I talk about you to a […]

13 December 2018

I am Kiara and I thought today, or this semester would be different that the rest, I thought I have chosen a buddy that would help me for the rest of the semester. Oh, how I was wrong to put my positive judgements on it. Its been a rough week for all students this time […]

Surat cinta: Satu

Ke hadapan rajahati saya, Saya menulis surat ini kerana nama awak masih segar dalam hati dan fikiran saya. Walaupun pertemuan kita ditakdirkan bukan untuk selamanya, tapi saya gembira. Senyuman awak sentiasa buat saya jatuh cinta lagi dan lagi. Awak ketawa tapi saya yang meloncat gembira. Awak sakit tapi saya yang derita. Awak hilang tapi saya […]

Black Hole

There’s a dark pulsing vortex somewhere in my conscience, it pulls with a strong gravity the entirety of my being. A vacuum of nothingness, that eats away at me bit by bit by bit. It’s a black hole, specifically design to devour my sanity. I think everyone carries their own versions of this ‘black hole’. […]

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