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Dreamer; published poet.

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The one that’s weird

Its a clear fact that i’m not like the rest, i lay down, watch the darkness as i rest, they laugh at recycle jokes as if its funny the first time, well i can say i did not fit in the crowd & its not the first time, i know i have parasites in my […]


Here’s to the boy I constantly wrote about. To the boy who was the main character to all my stories, all the ones he ever loved. Who boasted himself of his music taste until I listened to a music genre I never liked because it reminded me of the moments when the tar was slick […]


Shut up. I’d tell myself to shut up. Thoughts so loud it’s not as if I could be heard. Mind like a crowd it’s not as if I could escape. So fucked up I couldn’t get myself to look at your face. So frail, my arms couldn’t carry even the slightest weight. Be amazed, at […]


The first step that I’ll take is the one where I close my eyes and hope for the best… See I always believed that if I worked hard enough, something good will eventually come my way but that seemed to be the biggest lie that I told myself. I hope someone doesn’t find me dead […]


“Love your imperfections every angle” It doesn’t mean i LOVE it. It means i accept it either you change it for better (not for our relationship but yourself) or we could tolerance it together. Because knowing your imperfection doesn’t mean i don’t have one. “Sometimes words are not enough” Your consistency attitude are the proof. […]

To the Man I Never Loved Before

To the man I never Loved Before 20181028 we are nobody before this never knew each other never hold and waving our hand but your presence right now keep me feel warmth like you are the second house of my life!! it is so cruel for me to not appreciate you you are like a […]

This is not it

Maybe I’m putting too much thoughts into this, what kind of a woman begs- and still stay, unasked for   I guess I wanted you last night, tried to milk whatever comfort I can get from a man who finds no comfort in me   what kind of a woman that makes me   I […]

Pengalaman: Aku bertanya untuk faham.

Aku persoalkan agama aku, Islam. Sejak aku berumur 6 aku tanya ibubapa dan guru-guru aku. “Kenapa Islam itu sempurna?” Dan jawapan mereka, “Tak boleh persoalkan Islam seperti itu, Islam itu sememangnya sempurna” Aku persoalkan agama bukanlah sebab aku tidak ada keyakinan pada agama. Tetapi aku seorang yang nak memahami sebab mengapa disebalik jawapan. Pada umur […]

Here Goes Nothing

Nobody wants to hear this So, I keep it all in When the time comes around every now and then I combust not in flames, but in streams Streams of salt, heat and pain   “Don’t be too serious Just let it out Don’t overthink You’ll feel better” I laugh along But inside, I cry […]

Aku beza

Aku lihat dunia Dengan mata sentiasa berkaca Tidak gugur merentas pipi Tapi kering sendiri . Dan aku lihat dunia Seperti kamu; tidak sama Aku dari mata yang sunyi Hitamnya kosong, putihnya tiada erti . Cerah definisi aku, tapi gelap untuk kamu Cantik dimataku, tapi carik dimatamu Lantas kau bicara sepertinya kau sa–orang yang benar Sepertinya […]

Alphabet Abuse

Acerbic adjectives aren’t at all attractive Abuse misuse seduce all reduced to nothing Abstruse accused assaulting, I deduced to being An airheaded muse to allay your angry raging Bulldoze my boundaries Bombard me till I’m broken Like bombs you break my barriers I bunt back but got broke in Caught in calamity Couples cause catastrophes […]

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