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Dreamer; published poet.

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Rainbow connection

Dinding bilik Naail berlatarkan warna biru langit. Dia yang pilih sebab ibu bagi. Teringat sewaktu Naail berusia satu tahun, menangis dalam dukungan ibu setiap malam. Dia pula hanya mampu melihat ibu dan ayah tidur selang malam, berganti macam pas baton. Oh ya. Dulu bilik itu warna kelabu. Dia tak suka warna kelabu. Satu malam, dia datang […]

The Red Shirt

I noticed. I noticed how you had that one shirt you adored. That one shirt you wear whenever you had to go to a meeting or to an important event. That one shitty-looking shirt that you like so much I didnt bother to condemn. You look best when you’re confident, and i like seeing you […]

My Muse

I didn’t realise this at first, Only after few years later. Only after I read back what I wrote. Everything I wrote was about you. Life after you. Life with you. And life before you. And honestly, I was happy. Reading about my life which its core centre was you.   And now, After so […]

I didn’t save us

This could’ve been easy   if I just apologise for none of my mistake   if I forgive  without you being sorry   if I beg one more time  even after you pushed me away   because by then you must’ve stayed here with me though your heart doesn’t    but then I chose  to […]


Here’s to everyone who makes me feel vulnerable and worthless. I never like how my heart feels whenever it catches the deafening symphony of my self-esteem shattered to the ground. It tries to hold me back, with every muscle it fosters to keep beating and holding me back from falling. But it falls together with […]

One of a kind

Memories flickered into my mind as i saw him there Those mirthful moments, so rare It was really amusing, i swear Yet there’s something I wasn’t aware Had i thought of the consequences Or give myself some spaces It was sooner to assume Daunted of getting the same wound I was once enshrined by the […]


Cold but hot It suffers more than i thought Hard breathing Throat itching Head aching Trouble to sleep The pain that is so deep With that dry and chapped lips Hot chocolate that i sip Brings me the relief that i need Pin 0


Ku tulis kata cinta, Dengan pena harapan, Tidak serik akan perpisahan, Kerna diri aku hanya satu, Dan setiap kisah yang ku lalu, Menjadikan diriku, Lebih baik dari yang dulu. Pin 0

my poems

this is how I build my poems; gather all the sad in a bowl of alphabet soup, arrange the words in whatever sequence hurt most   I do not know to do this any other way, my poems are not gift cards, presents, or happy occasions, my poems are just the leftover of my tears- […]

dear you. love, me

17/1/19 knowing you, thought i didn’t have to cry like i used to no more. but i loved you so much that i cried even more. but you broke me like you never loved me, and you lied like i never mattered. so maybe i would say i wish we never met on that elevator. […]


Agak lama juga aksara tidak disusun Baris demi baris Kata demi kata Semakin aku hidup Nafas yang ku hirup Aku mengamati dan berfikir Sehingga renunganku diganggu makhluk Beza Manusia semuanya punya ingin yang berbeza Ada yang mahu tenang Ada yang mahu kacau Dan ada tidak mahu apa apa Perbezaan ini harus dirai Agar nanti semua […]


Dalam sunyi ku sendiri Terkadang rindu bertamu mengusik sepi Apakah kau bahagia di sana Seperti sinar suria Yang sentiasa ceria Aku di sini sihat aja Semuanya teratur sempurna Akira. 2247. 080618. Aku rindu Pin 0

Beza fasa

Musim bunga dah tiba Walaupun Julai, musim bunga bagi aku Semuanya indah belaka Lima purnama senyum sentiasa Lima purnama musim bunga Mulut tidak lekang dek namanya ——————————————————————————————————————————– Tusuk aku seribu kali, Cucuk aku seribu duri, Luka hati tetapkan sama, Masih disini menunggu menanti. ——————————————————————————————————————————– Sajak sajak cinta Puisi puisi yang mengayun jiwa Sudah muak semuanya Sudah […]

Flower Road

You deserve to be happy Despite of countless pain You deserve to be acknowledged To be loved Don’t be blind by others success Or others happiness You’ll reach yours They’ll deserve what are belonging to them All will fall to its places You deserve this happiness At least by yourself Your soul need love At […]

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