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Dreamer; published poet.

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Love makes you stupid. I cant deny it. But i cant help to feel. I’m denying it then but i can’t deny it now. Not after all this. But you’re not here. Im not there.  You’re with her and i, well i… You’re the love of my life, you’re my best friend. I know I’m […]

Read upside down

Because your eyes were pool of lies, Yet somehow I got hypnotized, “Don’t trust those eyes!” They tried to give me advice, But oh, how time flies, I had a brokenheart once or twice, And only God knows how I tried to survive, I was dead inside but looked alive, I moved on and left […]

No longer number 1

When you’re no longer no.1. Even when you constantly standing at the front, When you’re no longer have something, And realize that you can’t afford to have nothing, When you’re no longer able to live, Let alone able to breathe, When you’re no longer admired, Don’t even think about being desired, When you’re no longer […]

What is Jodoh?

I don’t know where to start. I have never been in love, well not really but more to one-sided love. Some says “It will come one day, you’re special. The last one are always for the best.” Some says “Put some effort in it, you cant just wait around for it to pop-up” Some says […]

tell me how?

Tell me. How do I give up a guy, Who’s kinder to me, than i am to myself? He’s a dear friend, but too bad he’s taken. We rarely spoke to each other, Barely even texted these days, But when he did, (am not good at keeping in touch)  He told me stuffs i should […]

the last time.

i remember the last time i looked into her eyes, i remember the last time i kiss her, i remember the last time i held her hands, i remember the last time i heard her voice, i remember the last time we talked, and i remember the last time she had her last breath. 6 […]


If only he can understand on why I come out with this choice is that because I do care about him. I want him to be happy and value himself more than being hurt while loving me. I have my own shit to pull together and he is not the one to bear the cost. […]


Will I be devoured– By another one of you? Or will I be powered– By hatred of feeling blue? In this stillness of moving time, They say you’re just like any other, Fate has not committed any crime, To this worsening weather. But it is you, you are the fault, Because you, you are the […]


Faham tak perasaan bila orang marah kita. Tapi kita tak tau apa yang kita buat. Eh apa kata macamni Kalau kau marah dengan orang tu, bagitau je dia. Don’t make them feel bad. Memang la sepatutnya orang tu kena rasa bersalah la sebab dia buat kau marah tapi bukan ke lagi terseksa bila orang tu rasa bersalah tapi […]


Insecurity kills, overthink hurts. I am wondering what should I do? People say that I must prove them wrong. Let them think what they want because you do you. Get that body shape. Score the exams. Grad on time. Save your money. Be intelligent. Get a partner. Overcome the insecurities, stop overthinking and calm yourself. But, […]

I didn’t care.

  I didn’t care about how I looked until you told me my face needed a fixing I didn’t care about the gap in between my teeth until you told me it looked funny I didn’t care about the colour of my skin until you told me I needed some skin whitening productbecause you said […]

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