Bahagia Pergi

By: Epiclipse “Malam ni kita lepak makan burger, nak?” Aku beritahu. “Burger.. Rasanya Burger King dah tutup.. Dah lewat sangat ni..” Dengan jelas rasa tak mahu, dia menolak. “Err.. Tak.. Bukan Burger King…” “Jadi, McDonald’s?” Dia bertanya, Nampak macam beria-ia. Aku tak mahu cakap, sebenarnya nak makan burger jalanan tu. Tapi aku fahamlah, dia bukan […]


By: Qayzr “You can take your stupid bear with you!” And then she threw out the apology gift I gave her just ten minutes ago. Right out the window of the 8th floor. The teddy survived, but not all the chocolates stuffed inside. I can’t exactly rush up to the girl’s apartment so I waited […]

The Train Heading South

By: CiceroSeesZero I dread stepping into the train today. Last week I decided to visit my parents on the north side of the city and now I have to go back campus, south of the city. I mean, really south. Far end of the south. Worst still, my mp3 player just ran out of juice […]

AweSeries: Project FiSuRe: The Xinotians (Part 3)

Part two: click here    By: Qay “Ouch!” Hawwa outcried and quickly pulled her hand. “Oh my, I’m dreadfully sorry. I forgot, the strongest of you humans have about half of the strength of our weakest Xinotian” Rukka said with a concerned look on her face. “Xinotian, is that what you call yourselves? So, I […]


By: BoredStroke I was walking along one day after work to get to the train station and suddenly a man whom I suspect was creeping just behind me pushed me hard to the side of the road. I was stunned and fell hard to the ground. I retaliated towards gravity but I couldn’t see the […]

How I Ended Up Here

Qay I looked at his beady little round eyes accompanied by silence in the air. I felt nothing was more important at that very moment, and so I stared and I stared. I cannot stand those eyes looking back directly at me. I had to retaliate, so I stared on. Seconds passed, pushed away by […]

What hurts the most

 By: xsmiles The chime of the bell rang as I walked into the warm diner. “Hey there jack! Haven’t seen you in a while. The usual I assume?” I nodded at him, smiling half-heartedly, making my way to take a seat at the far end of the diner- away from people, away from crowds. I […]

AweSeries: Project FiSuRe (Part 1)

By: Qay Since she was a little girl, Rukka has been widely fascinated by stars. She likes to drift away to the thought of if there is life out there, anything intelligent that can communicate to them. She wonders, she wonders all night long.. One day, Earth finally ran out of resources and the Space […]


By: Sippiman His footsteps were heavy. Breath came in short bursts. His mind was in a mess. So many things had happened that brought him to this single time and place. There’s something dead about the way he felt now. Looking at the night sky while he walked, he felt the night all around him. […]

AweSeries: The List (part 2)

By: Epictas The only thing wonderful about Wednesdays is when it’s over. I hate Wednesdays. Usually. But today was different, very much so in fact. I smell deviance coming. I stepped in class and not so much to my surprise, Killa came runnning to me. “Saim! Saim! did you hear?” He said excitedly. “Gooooood morning, […]

The Town with no Frowns

By: Qay Gacy and Arnoud are two ruthless criminals. In the car they’re in now is two briefcases with a combined amount of six million dollars inside, two revolvers with missing bullets under their seats, a rusty machete Gacy packed “just in case”, and a full tank of gas. Behind them, two police motor vehicles […]

AweSeries: The List (Part 1)

By: Epictas I never thought she would come back. Really, it was more like a dream. She went away for so long, I thought for sure now then it was for the last time and I’ll never see her again. I’m just glad she’s back. I’ll never let her go again, that I promise you. […]

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