I Know How

Now I know how lonely starry starry nights can be,Now I know how birds can’t be happy flying free,Now I know why Twix must be in pairs,Being awesome and being alone is so unfair. I thought I knew it all,All of this, all my falls,And to wait for Glee season two,is how much it hurts […]

Flirts Anonymous

Qayzr Not again. Not tonight. I told myself I wouldn’t set foot in this place again, not after getting my 6-months flirt-free pin. Ugh. “Really? I thought we settled your problem?” Sam said. He looked surprised. Did not see that coming. The night was cold but not particularly dark. They had upped the lighting so […]

Red Wine

Daniel Rainmaker  Me and my buddy were having a drink together at a pub. He’s drinking a beer, and I’m having red wine. “Dude, why switch from beer to red wine?” he asked me. “Well, I guess it’s a matter of personal tas-” I started, but then in came the last people I would expect […]


MOHD. AFIQ MAT RAZAI and Daniel Rainmaker I shall be killed. I shall be killed. Why am I to be killed you ask? It’s because I am different from everyone else. I chose to believe in a world that doesn’t believe. I chose faith over logic and reasoning.  As I am pulled along the cobbled […]

The Killers

Santorini Semua orang nak cerita pasal Ex. Aku pun nak cerita jugak, nak lepas geram, sakit hati, dan yang paling penting, nak bagi diri aku aman dan tenang. Cara aku nak lepaskan benda yang dah lama aku patut lepas, macam lepaskan kentut. Legakan diri. Semua pasal The Killers. Semester 2 Hujan datang universiti aku. Aku […]

Mock Trial, University of Malaya

Mock Trials are deemed common events at most law faculties. The University Malaya Mock Trial, however, is proudly different than most productions of the same genre. Being the first local law school to showcase a mock trial, we are the pioneers, and we’re leading the scene, indeed. Funny and entertaining, with plots which are nonetheless […]

In Silence

yellowbucket In her eyes, he was the epitome of procrastination at its best. He was never punctual for anything, assignments are always handed in the last minute of the hour and she despised how he carries himself – the lazy look in his eyes, the lopsided smile he gives when he knows he’s wrong, the […]

The Good Guy

Browlines There was this girlMade the hearts of many twirlshe loved the worldbut the world was cruel You could say she was carefulWe all know the world was harmfulShe took the world by the hornsalong the way never touched the thorns As time went by she wonderswhere are my comforting shoulders?She looked upon the starsand wondered […]


MOHD AFIQ BIN MAT RAZAIThe scarlet sky was fading. The sun began to hide itself behind the horizon. Sydney just walked and walked and walked until he reached a green rusty bench and sat himself upon the steel. He had enough. Another one of that mess, and he would move out from the house. Sydney […]

The Three Words

Danieln Rainmaker She laid there, lying in a pool of her own blood on the road. I looked, horrified by what I saw. I tried to take my eyes off her, yet I couldn’t ignore the lifeless body that was lying before me. Her listless eyes gazed towards the horizon, as if looking out for […]

Happy Merdeka Raya!

Sorry were a bit late on the festivities.Too much food, too little time to eat them all! But of course, it’s not all bout the food. Lets take time to reflect on how lucky we are to even have festivities.  Go out, call up your friends, have a good time and live life in appreciation […]


Pabila dikau pergiSirnalah alam tanpa warnaPepohon, bebunga, kekupu,Segalanya lesu & pucatKu lihat manusia berjalan tanpa wajahKu dapati bauan tidak lagi mewangiKerna dunia ini tanpa warna-warniJuga rasanya Ku buntuapakah yang harus kurasa?Perasaanku bercampur baurPatutkah aku ketawa?Atau wajar aku tangisi?Marah atau gembira?Perasaan ini sudah hilang artinyaTenggelam dalam gelap kealpaan Semesta alam menjadi rapuh!Keluhan cinta padamu hancur berderaiAh, […]

Oh Sayang

Oh Sayang,You are a sticky bomb,exploded in my head.You are everywhere I cannot touch. Oh Sayang,You are the piping to my lungs,Without you,I have air I cannot breathe with. Oh Sayang,You are the colour blue,In absence of your subtle touch,My Earth would be barren. Oh Sayang,You are a bag of salt,Raising the aroma of hope,unsticking […]

Internet Black-Out Day 2012

The government of Malaysia recently passed a Bill to amend the Evidence Act to include S114A, which brings a lot of implications to the ever day Internet users. Implications that are binding whether we know it or not. Usually, and wrongfully, the youth community won’t really care about what law is passed in this nation […]

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