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Hai, Kuih.

Soleil “Hi kuih” he said. Believe it or not, those were the first two words he said to me when we first met. It was a little awkward and slightly uncalled for. But it was the first of many names that came later on. Frankly speaking, our relationship ended over two years ago. Even after […]

Asry & Syia : A Lifetime Memory

@syiasyuha Asry & Syia : A Lifetime Memory Laughing away, the girl told him to push the swing up higher. His mouth was set in a thin line at having to settle himself out of his normal character but he didn’t grumble as he abided her request. He was admittedly embarrassed to be caught at […]


Prakata.  Sebaik sahaja mendapat lampu hijau dari Penghulu untuk menulis dalam Project Ex-Girlfrend (ya, kami panggil Qayzr itu dengan panggilan Penghulu. Tanya dia sebab apa. Aku dah lupa.), aku sedikit teruja. Tambahan pula tajuk dia sedikit fishy. Aku akan pendekkan sependek mungkin love story aku. Siapa yang suka layan love story orang lain tanpa sebab? […]


I’m not the best person to talk about relationships but there are some things too cute to keep for myself only. This is a little story of when I was at the tender age of 19 or 20. I was together with this girl since my pre-university days right up until junior year. She had […]

The Broken Man

J. Seifer It is something that signifies our very own existence as social creatures. Being creatures that are naturally programmed to live among and within the presence of its own kind, it is only inevitable that we find ourselves to indulge in such plethora of emotions, be it platonic or romantic, in the midst of […]

Happy Ever After

Queen Miadala In the letter Sophie wrote to Claire (Letters to Juliet, 2010), she mentioned how the words “what” and “if” are seemingly not dangerous when apart. However if they are put together, the saddest term in English will suddenly materialize. What if. Have you asked yourself that question lately? What if you had chased […]

Project Ex-Girlfriend

What is Project Ex-Girlfriend?It’s a short stories compilation project of 25 real stories from people who has something to say about relationships. Why Project Ex-Girlfriend?Like it or not, relationships play an important role in a youth’s life. Sometimes a bad relationship can lead to bad grades, bad appetites, even bad odour because we pre-occupy ourselves […]

What Goes…

What goes around comes around, even when we don’t deserve it. Yesterday I was frantically desperate to go back to my house after I had a tiring day at the exam chair. The traffic jam wasn’t really doing anything good for my temper and patience. I pressed since I got in the car. When I […]


W It had a painting of little piglets. lt engulfed the wall. To be standing there, reading would be like having all these people watching you hold your posture as the acrylic two dimensional piglets each the size of a mini refrigerator staring down your back. And I swear if you look close enough, you’d […]

Statistika I

Statistika Chapter 1 Qayzr “20 percent, 20 percent, 25 percent….” She widened her steps. “30… 40… 60 percent! now..” “She shoots the ball and she throws what would be the most decisive shot of the match. Incredible.” The commentator shouted. There has never been such talent, nor there has been anyone with fairer skin, in […]

Ode to Exams

CiceroSeesZero You are too easy to hate;too complicated to love. Nails bitten and lips held;will I do good, will I do well? You turn my friends into zombies;single tracked, tiresome and lethargy. Give me Red Bull, give me red eyes;Make me a tool, feed me lies. You’re but paper, all I can say;You control my […]


Solieil I walked down three flights of stairs from the apartment, breathing heavily as my arms shook in anger. I shut my eyes hard, just trying, praying, and hoping, to not lose what’s left of my sanity. “Damn it!” I shouted in frustration. I couldn’t help the pain quaking inside of me. It hurt so […]

Les Femmes Indépendantes

Naomi Kasimir “Then you would have to work!” exclaimed my friend after hearing my response to her question about marriage. Confused looks were exchanged between us. Her views and mine were obviously opposing. In order to try and get out of this awkward situation, I tried to fathom her statement. I really did try but […]

Our First Collaboration :)

We had an oral agreement with Pauline Low, the creator of the site Pauline’s Illustrated and she agreed to convert one of the stories here in AwefullyWritten into comic form 🙂 She’s been doing this for awhile and she’s really good so we are really looking forward to this, but it has to take some time […]

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