These Words I Owe You

As I listen to the words of a poet, I saw you saying those words to me.I know i’ve hurt you, so much that I hide it in my darkest memory.I’ve long yearned to tell you this,But a poem is as far as i can go in this.I know things are in pieces now.And all […]


Nothing special about this story. Its just a reminder to myself. CintaAku cemburu melihat orang lain. Mendengar ibu merungut betapa manjanya anak mereka atau betapa masakkannya begitu digemari anak mereka atau mendengar perbualan mereka bersama. Aku cemburu. Kerana nada yang digunakan sangat tenang dan mendamaikan. Tiada kemarahan dan nada kebencian. Hanyalah kasih sayang.  “Hey”“Hey”“Hey Bunga, […]

The Newly Forgotten

Inspired by the song ‘Use Somebody – Kings of Leon’. Plus, some old memories and experience during my schooldays. Was a wallflower though, but not anymore. Hope you guys like it. Thanks guys. I’ve been roaming aroundTrying to be found but all I seeDirty looks and little smirksAnd fingers pointing at meMaybe I don’t need […]

The Heartstitchers

Qayzr “Ahhhhh! A light! turn it off!” a stitcher screamed.“I thought Farah wanted this place to be dark? She is not ready for it to be bright here. That huge ‘monster’ is still lurking around.” She continued.Hope roamed around Farah’s heart. She was torn in more places than he could ever imagine. Scarring here, a […]

You Will Be Sorely Missed

_uculer “You will be sorely missed.” I’ve been delaying my visit to the dentist for my scaling appointment. There’s a constant battle between wanting a good set of teeth and the fear of sharp tools being put into my mouth while I clench my eyes tight shut. However, I cannot put it off anymore since […]

The Confession Night

Beluncas  “Sorry I’m late.” I said to her and sat down. “It’s ok. I’m busy doing something.” She replied. He eyes stared at her phone screen. I sighed. It must be the same problem. “What is that ‘something’? Some guys disturbed you again? Who are they? Tell me.” I felt a sense of jealousy. To […]


There’s a sign on you;“We Never Close”like a diner,there’s just something about you about that sign that made me keep coming back.A promise of consistency I hold onto,even on nights where I struggledbetween two nightmares,I opened my eyes and you’re there,with a plate full of things I never actually remembered ordering,but it came anyway,full of hopes and […]

This is for you

Hey, you.Yes, you. The one reading.This is me, giving you a poem you’re needing.Remember that day,When you thought the world was falling apart,And all that you did backfired and crushed your heart?Remember that time,When you’re suddenly in a hole that’s dug too deep,And you’re on a tall building and yearning to leap?Well, remember this my […]

Aku Mahu Bermimpi

Lelapkan akuDari dunia yang tak henti membunuh jiwaDari dunia yang tak mengerti makna cintaTidurkan akuDari realiti yang tak jemu menusuk hatiDari realiti yang mengasingkan aku seorang diriAku hanya mahu bermimpiDalam dunia yang aku lakar sendiriAku hanya mahu terlelapWalau cuma sekejap.amiruldalaiil 00 Pin 0


Mawar“I don’t like your friends.”Usually he would calmly accepted Ayah’s tantrum, but not this time.“Why are you being so judgmental? You don’t know them, Ayah! I bring them here to introduce them to you!”“You call them friends?! You barely even know them! You young people should be ashamed of yourself.”The quarrel lasted for a while […]


I just lost my dad and I wrote this for him. Dialah yang paling kuatTak pernah mengeluh walau ditusuk seratus pedangDialah yang paling gembiraMasih tersenyum walau sudah menutup mata tak lihat duniaDialah AbahMalaikat yang tak pernah jemu menjaga anaknya.Aku harus kuatKerana Abah tak pernah menunjuk lemahAku harus berhenti menangisKerana Abah tak pernah berduka.Demi Tuhan, aku […]


Qayzr“Okay I’ll race you!” He suddenly shouted.“Hey no fair, you’re in front.” His wife complained.“I’ll slow down..” He said with a cheeky smile.In 3 seconds, he was out of sight. Azalia didn’t bother to even look for her new husband, she was too tired to even turn her head. She sat down on the next […]

The Threes

Amsyar TellerFIRST ENCOUNTERIt was dusk when I boarded the LRT from Taman Melati. The train was emptied so I sat myself down to an empty seat near the midsection of the coach. My ideal spot in the LRT. I was heading towards KL Sentral. My father would always pick me up from there should I […]


She had a brilliant futureShe’s a walking work of artI am a broken wind-up toyThe eyes of someone olderI have the eyes that wander I don’t see what really matterI have a pastI have memoriesThey’re flowing fastCaught hell from my bossDon’t care about my jobCaught a cold from the rainGot flat on the roadLost twenty-six bucksPlayed […]

Fire on Display

We are the firework citizen The exact amount of fuel Added to an oxidizing agent We combust into explosion By a simple redox reaction Everybody entitled to their opinion Turning words into combustion Lately we are the aluminum Together with an oxidant We burn rapidly in the open Exploding burning violently Letting the fume spread […]

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