My Monday Sushine

Some of us do love Monday.  Its Monday againBut that’s fineIt’s the day to see youMy sunshineGet up from bedCatch up the trainIt’s you I don’t want to missTo see you once againMy Monday sunshineKeep on shiningYou blow my mindYou’re stunningI miss how you swayThe way you flip your hairI fall in love againI swear […]

The man that I love

This is a story about the man that I love.He is that average guy, that no one bat their eyes on,White shirt, blue jeans and a pair of spectacles.He is tall and fair. Well, the kind that I like.He has short hair and a sweet smile, with teeth the like of vampire.And so I said.He would […]

The Problems Of Life

Farouq A man walk towards the bright lightLighting a cigarette as he moved onThinking about his messed up lifeMistakes he made since he was born. The street was quiet and emptyThe night was filled with starsHis hands were very filthyHis body filled with deep scars He was a total mess outsideInside his heart kept on […]

When Time Stops

Nadrah SaufiWhen time stops,Would you remember me like how I was at the back of your mind? Would you still remember me as a whole. Coffee brown eyes, dark snow white’s hair, pink tinted cheeks, crimson red lips, eyes as pure as a baby’s. Would you find me exceptional, alluring or even intriguing? Exquisite yet […]


Apis HiltonDedicated to my book collection. The cover looks pretty good,so does the content of the book,you’ll get everything if you willing to shoot,you get nothing with just a look. A book is such a wood,it is a place to find your food,it is a place to fix you mood,it could be your second neighborhood. A […]

One Night, Those Nights

This is for those who have gone through the same. You are not alone. Zuleikha I think I just laid there, on the bed. not doing anything except crying the whole night, unable to sleep. It’s really weird thinking about it now, how I went through that. I never don’t sleep, at all. That was […]

Winter Memory: Part 1.

Maryam Jameelah (MJ) I looked up the dark sky. Starless, as expected. The night was so cold that even with gloves, I still could not feel the warmth. I looked around the frozen lake. No other human being apart from myself was nearby, as expected again.  The wind blew so softly that it almost felt […]

Chapter 1: Love

srya Living on borrowed time: that’s what I feel like I’ve been doing in the last few months. Have you ever felt you were just waiting on something? Just hopelessly, meekly, patiently waiting… for something. As I lay in bed that night with Ron Pope playing through the speakers, the thought hit me: I want […]

Kamu Bukan Bintangku (2)

Cahaya KesaksianKau bukan bintangkuAku sedar tempatkuDan secebis sayutidak bercambah pun di hatiku.Yang ada hanya redha.Mungkin kau dan akubakal bertemu bintang kita.Mungkin sesaat selepas ini.Mungkin beberapa tahun lagi.Jangan risau,pasti akan ketemu,asal ada izinNya.Dan bila akhirnya berjumpaBintang selayaknya kepunyaan kitaOrbit bakal terciptadan kita, semakin merapatinyadan akhirnya bersentuhlalu bersatudalam satu perlanggaran jitu.Dalam penyatuan iniakan ada yang musnah,akan ada […]

Come Home Soon

“This is for a dear friend who’s in prison” In that green suitI see you smile,in that green suit,I ‘ve seen you cry. Tick tock tick tock,I stare at the clock.sitting stiffly on the dock,throwing away little rocks. In the remembrance of you,I ‘m singing our tune.Prayers are standing in queue,for you to come home soon. 1987 00 Pin 0

Kamu Bukan Bintangku (1)

Cahaya Kesaksian Aku dan kaukita bintang.Cantik. Cerah. Gemilang. Tapi,kita bintang yang berbeza sirnanya.Akuhanyalah suatu bintang kecilsuhuku hanya merahbahkan sedetik saja gemilangnyajauh sekali menonjol dari jauh.Namun kaukau bintang yang besar lagi agamPutih kebiruan hangatmusehangat hatimu yang mulia.Siapalah akuyang kerdil serba serbibila dipadankan denganmuyang dikagumi?Aku sedar tempatku.Mungkin rasa inibukan dalam ruang kawalkutapi pilihan, aku kawal;dan aku, senyum […]

A Cup Of Coffee

Apis Hilton Inspired by Starbucks I had during the day that made me struggle to sleep during the night. — Having a cup of coffee, Over my friend’s story, It is so spooky, Made me wanna pee. After a cup of coffee, I am no longer sleepy, Try to do some activity, But I am too […]


Oleh Qayzr “wow, tengok tu. Satu family pakai shades. Makan banana leaf je pun!” Kata Azuwan. Saat itu, lima orang turun dari kereta BMW putih sambil memandang lurus. Mereka tidak melihat atas, tidak melihat bawah. Lelaki yang agak berumur juga turun dari pintu penumpang dihadapan, mesti kaya raya. Ada supir. Belum habis cerita turun kereta lagi. […]

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