Worth A Try (Part 2)

by Aoki “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you won’t be able to jump trust me you’re lack of determination!” A girl laughed as he stood there. He turned and noticed her. She was cute; long hair, rosy cheeks and when she laughs she had this dimple. “Wait how do you know she’s cute?” I asked the janitor. “I just wanted […]

Worth A Try (Part 1)

By Aoki I don’t know if anyone will believe me if I tell them this story. I leave it to you to believe whether this is true or not but I can feel that there’s however truth somewhere in the story.  One day, I had a fight with this guy, let’s call him Sohai because […]

Perompak Kulit

Untuk Nawwar; maaf realiti kita bercakaran hanya untuk sementara. Qayzr“Kalau aku boleh jadi macam dia, semua aku korban. Hanya untuk sehari, pijak tanah dalam kasut dia. Boleh?”  Itu yang terakhir tertitip di bibir, yang di mata terus pudar. Hilang entah ke mana ingatan saluran neuron. Yang cuma nampak sekarang, kulit insan yang lain menyaluti diri. […]

Tangisan Seorang Pendosa

Little Dandelion Setiap kita punya kisah.  Kisah yang diceritakan. Kisah yang disembunyikan. Cuma kamu dan Dia yang tahu.  Manusia punya banyak kisah. Tapi, siapa juga yang tahu kisah kita? Tak semua tahu semuanya. Katanya, orang kenal kita. Tapi sebenarnya tidak. Selagi mana kita hidup, kisah setiap insan itu amat dalam tak terluahkan. Mungkin ada yang […]

Salah Ukur

Orkid BungaImran menjeling jam tangannya berulang kali. termasuk kali ini, dah nak masuk 7 kali Imran menjeling jam tangan mahal Fossil nya itu.“celaka.” bisik amarahnya.ternampak kelibat lelaki kurus, berbaju merah dan berseluar coklat cair, sahabat lamanya Johan.“hah, sampai jugak budak bertuah tu. Hoi!” panggil Imran.sahabatnya tadi terus melambai dan menjurus ke tempat duduk Imran. “dah order […]

3 Words

Satisfactions. Expectations. Positions.  Lately, these three words scare me the most. How people change because of positions. How hurtful to not obtain expected expectations. How dangerous people can be to fulfill satisfactions.  Intentions.  snsalwa 00 Pin 0

Carry on

uculerCarry on As usual, the end of the year is the busiest. Most people leave or plan to leave a company during this time of the year. Some are on annual leaves. And for some unexplainable reasons, more people get sick during this time. Example; Yours Truly. As much as I think that my job […]

One Fine Day

AokiOne fine day, I walked into a cafe and found a girl sitting in the corner, sipping her coffee. Or maybe tea, I wasn’t sure but it was a hot drink. Her hair is a mess, a serious look on her face. Hands on her phone with earphones on.  I did not look at her […]

Shepherd Masak Merah

By Qayzr“Here, Taste it!”Zachary handed her the plate of cake.“It tastes lovely.” She said.Zachary was one of Nadhira’s better friends. Every time Zachary bakes, Nadhira will almost always be the first to ‘taste’ his cookies and pastries. Nadhira will often wait patiently in the living room with Zachary’s younger sister, Munirah every Saturday. They had […]


Zuleikha I swear, at one point, I actually loved you. Not for long though. But very deeply. Very hopeful and effortlessly.  I remember you as you were loved by me. It was the best feeling. Sparks in your eyes. Triggered something in me. I don’t know how that made me look in your eyes. But […]


Kushairy MasdiBlue. The color of her eyes, the same shade of blue that envelops the Earth. The color of the river streaming silently nearby. But today, it is the color of the uniformed bodies outside my destroyed house. The color of my bruised heart, struggling to accept what has happened.The color of her birthday present […]


Mariam Mariam sat silently, her fingers intertwined, as she waited. All around her, the café buzzed with life. Behind her, the table full of college students erupted in jovial laughter at something one of them said. In front of her, a young couple giggled at their private joke, lost to the world around them. The […]


Qayzr Sarah is a typical girl, except for her odd sense of smell. You know how sometimes some smells are related to certain characteristics? Vanilla, a soft sweetness. Oak, a strong, masculine aura. Lemon, very good for the dishes. Sharp, and cheaply distinctive. Well, Sarah can smell characteristics of people. All she needs to do […]


I’ve greeted those angelic eyes; Crinkled in a smile, Frowned in annoyance, Teared in sadness, and Lost in disappointment. I yet long for those beautiful eyes to smile, shed all the misery and agony away, But, heartbreaks are too dark to be mended. Atiqah Zaini 00 Pin 0


They say white is the purest among allAlways putting black as the filthiest behind wallBut if no black in shadow of the lightHow can ones see the beauty of white?The softness of whiteBleach away all the sanityThe black comes with tideSwallow down the purityBut sometimes there is the sound of soarTogether with footsetps of restless […]

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