Truth To Be Told

by Aqua Joon I always love that feeling of peace That perches when I enjoy the natures The clouds are so fluffy That I could imagine myself flying and hugging them Sometimes I even imagining myself eating the clouds Soft and sweet Touchable and huggable The nights are too beautiful, decorated with starry sky Star gazing […]

Of Sotong Kering, Satay Ikan and Keropok.

by snsalwa When I was 6 years old, I used to hang out inside the ‘bilik stor’[1] under the stair case during my free time. It was small but big enough for me to sit and laze around killing time. Inside the store room, there’s a shelf that filled up with collection of laser disks of […]


AnissaHari itu seperti biasa, sewaktu pulang dari sekolah aku melihat Adam bermain seorang diri di halaman rumah Mak Ati. Kali ini aku tergerak untuk memanggilnya. Adam menyahut lantas menuju ke arahku. “Adam dah makan?” tanyaku. Adam mengangguk. “Adam tengah buat apa ni?” aku sengaja memanjangkan perbualan. Entah kenapa aku rasa tersentuh melihat Adam. Mungkin kerana […]


by Ekall I really have no idea what to write but here goes.  Thank you for giving me a chance to love you. From the first day I saw you at the lecture hall ,you were standing right in front of me. I can see your eyes as they glow. I can feel your confidents. […]

That Morning

I helped an auntie this morning, at the clinic. She wanted to go to the ground floor and asked me how to use the lift (maybe she used the stairs to go to the first floor). The conversations were more or less like these:   “Macam mana nak turun? Tekan saja?”   “Ya, tekan saja.” […]

Gadis Sepatu Ribbon

Tuhan, Cuba hadirkan sekali [lagi] Gadis sepatu ribbon Berbaju kurung merah Menanggalkan pakaian janggal dunia Menafikan ruang dan waktu Tuhan, Pada ketika itu, Kau tarik lah perlahan lahan Keperkasaan dan kebijaksanaan Andai kau campakkan aku ke neraka Maka aku akan berjalan mendabik dada Kerana Aku pernah melihat, mencintai dan dicintai syurga. Nawuza 00 Pin 0

Do it

by Ahnaf Yusri People need to start putting their money where their mouth is. Get a good job with more money and you are ok they say. Money so they say is the root of all evil today. But if you ask for a rise it’s not surprise that they’re giving none away. Why is everybody […]

Random Thoughts Of Mine

by diniqylla Do you ever get a feeling of being lonely, alone, feel like there’s no one wants to listen to your miseries? You have this excruciating in your shattered heart but you’re too idle to let it goes because you’re too busy taking care of others’ hearts? You feel like you want to scream on […]


by nisaalimuddin We are like a mirror.We have so much similarity.We have so much memory;We are not just like a mirror. When I see your bare smileI feel your painsWhen I see your fake laughI feel your sorrows We are like a mirror’cause when I see youI see me. We are not just a mirror’cause when […]

jet-lagged heart

She stares at her phone screen in the pitch-black darkness of her room as she hears the sound of his breathing, soft and slow; from the other side of the world. She could somehow imagine his breaths heaving up and down his chest like the rise and fall of the sea tides, but less violent […]

Random Rant

by Nissa Zulkifli #1 Allow me a moment, So I can shed some tears, So I can throw some  laughter, So I may walk stronger. #2 I do not hope for you to understand, But if you do, My heart will be filled with content. I do not hope for you to understand, And because you […]


by AA Starting the day with a smile, Starting the relationship with a help, Then feeling join them, Felt uneasy when either one is not around, Reminiscing the moment, How far they have been through, Hold on with each other even in hard day, Believing each other even being left is certain, Faith grew stronger […]


by AA Just another sunny day, Sitting here and think, How far this could be again? Did I choose the right path yet? Is this the path that I’ve always wanted? Sit still, Flashbacks come uninvited and hit the conscious mind like a heavy rain hitting the ground, Maybe it hurts to see the ground […]


by Nissa Zulkifli Diyana took off her telekung.She hugged it close to her chest. It belonged to her mother who passed away when she was little. The white piece of cloth had such sentimental value. Somehow she likes wearing it to pray. No! No! It was not like an amulet or something. It was something else. […]

Your Happiness Is Not Mine

by Alyssa Liana You find your happiness and you say this is my happiness, But I am happy here,I am happy with this,I’ve found it They say no, you’re not,happiness is not what you seethat’s a lie, and you believe them whole heartedly.But they don’t know because they haven’t found theirs or know what you […]

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