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Random Blue

Nice blue sky,outside the window.Blue fish,in that little tank.Blue pot,with pretty white flowers.Even a heart, feeling blue.Who would have thought?All these random thingsBrings me back to you,all blue. Zuleikha 00 Pin 0

My Love

VioletLove and lust, has anyone ever tried to deny both?For once, I haven’t. Not with you. I actually did let myself to be dangerously and hopelessly in love with a person. A person, well, a stranger. You see, I have a story which could be changed into an idea for you to accept, or for […]

Diabetika: Part IV

Part III here Part IV is dedicated to adik Radziatul Syifa, 6, diagnosed with type-I last week. May you only be diagnosed, not defined.by QayzrDiabetes type I is getting more and more common. It affects children and teenagers and a lot of them go on with life not knowing fully the cause or consequences.“I could […]

Why The Moon Weeps

by  Farah  Nadal Last night I heard her weeping. At first I was reluctant to approach her. The sight of her whole being, the alluring glow of her blemished skin, was too much for me to absorb. But her cry. If only you heard her cry. It would have wilted the most blissful of sunflowers […]

Diabetika: Part III

part II here by QayzrMy breathing calmed down and I ushered my thoughts towards the last days of my life before I was diagnosed. He asks so many questions, more than my thinking mind would like to process at a time.Oh, wait. I’m familiar with this road. Too familiar, in fact. Why are we here? […]

Diabetika: Part II

By Qayzr Part I here “My parents insist I marry a doctor.” she said.I am well aware of the fact that her past relationship was with a decorated medical student in one of the premier universities in the country. I shook that thought out of my head. I understand the rational but my heart didn’t […]

Diabetika: Part I

by QayzrAlmost 8 billion people in the world, 347 million of them are diabetic. 5% of all diabetics are type I. I fell in love with one.“I’m sick” she said.I couldn’t find anything wrong with the girl aside from the fact that she was oddly mesmerizing. Her face was fair and her eyes were intense. […]

Tan Hong Ming

M.F.PetraI have been blessed by God for his continuous grace over me; for allowing me have rice on my plate, water to quench my thirst, health that keeps me going (all the necessities of life), and company that galvanizes me into understanding human nature even more. I was triggered by this quote by Honore’ de […]

Merdekakan Akalmu

Atas nama yang telah jatuh,kami bangkit jadi bibit.Atas nama cinta yang berpaksi,kami bersatu hati.Atas ulas fikiran terbentang,atas jari memegang perpaduan,Kenapa harus darah, bila ada dakwat?Kenapa harus benci, bila ada bila ada kasih?Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!Bebas tanah, belum bebas akal.Sang helang tanpa sayap,sama juga cakarnya tiada guna.Merdekakan akalmu!bebas kerana fikiran,berfikir kerana bebas,jangan pegangan jadi cekikan. susun nahu, […]


QayzrSo yes. Happy Merdeka month. You know what’s odd here? The election period the other day felt more like Merdeka than this month. A little stale, maybe it’s because it’s the 56th year of Merdeka? It’s not as catchy as 50 years, 55 years, or 60 years, perhaps. Makes me wonder though, I’ve seen really […]

The Third Birthday

Ain Nadirah Bukhri3 birthdays. 3 of your birthdays where I spent my time, thinkingthinkingthinking (overthinking) should I or should I not wish you; whether it would be too obvious whether it would mean anything to you. And on the 3rd, I found it exhausting; pointless even. 3 birthdays mean 3 years, 3 years of not […]


The sparkwas so bizarreyet so real.My inner self screamslonging for you;your soft touchyour electric eyesyour tender lipsyour sweet promises.But i am in betweenof falling inand saving myselfwith thatthis infatuationwas over. J 00 Pin 0


AfiqIt feels like I am walking and walking and walking endlessly without an end, or if an end does exist, it will be a deep precipice with jagged sides. I am lost in my thoughts about you. I know, I know. I am wasting too many minutes of life thinking about you and you and […]

Mawar Merah Untuk Jannah – Part 1

Nafis Firman  Assalammualaikum Diari 🙂      Nampaknya hari sudah pun malam, kelihatan sang bulan sedang bercahaya menerangi langit yang gelap gelita sambil ditemani bintang-bintang berkelipan yang tidak segan untuk menunjukkan diri pada malam ini. Ya Allah! sungguh indah pemandangannya… betapa cantiknya ciptaan-Mu. Aku bersyukur kerana dilahirkan di bumi ini dan aku bersyukur kerana telah diberikan […]

Dear Alfian Zohri

Nadeewa Dear you, I have written so many letters in so many language that a lover could possibly do, but never in time I found the courage to address it to you. I love you. In a way that even myself could never believe it. It’s like there is suddenly so many holes in my […]

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