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em mukhtar It was dark. I was running as fast as I could. Until I felt my head knocked on something hard. Then I woke up. Oh! I am in my hostel room. I was dreaming earlier and I knocked my head on the bed’s header. It is 3 in the morning and I can’t […]

Old flame

VTYou drove me homeAnd it feels so nice when we sing our favourite song in your van.Yeah, that blue coloured van of yours.We said we were both insane, madly in love and we will be forever stay like thisOur story has no end and, I agreed with it. I was thinking you were right.On my […]

So, tell me

So, tell me what you see For what I saw might not as you see Or  you might saw what I see So, tell me what you feel For what I felt might not as you feel Or you might felt what I feel So, tell me what you think For what I thought might […]


My word, i should have told you.i want none of the segments,segments of yours, you call life.Recall my disgust, old friend.You took me for a fool..Nothing more, sadly nothing less.In my monologue is your epilogue,Should i stop, Breathe in easy?No, i cannot. No, i am not able,You exist in my very breath. Avia 00 Pin […]

Movie Feelings: Kil

EJ Kil. Kil is a man, a working man, who smokes way too much. He smokes everywhere but that’s not the point. Kil was clearly a depressed man, he sees nothing of life and now he just wants to end this pain and nothingness. Suddenly, out of luck it seems, he found people who could […]

Butterflies And Me

Daniel Ariff “Butterflies are a breath of beauty fluttering by, they are mystery chronicled upon wing, they bring forth the grace and wonder of this world to our eyes everyday” – K. D’Angelo             It was one of those nights in 1998 where I found myself lying awake on my bed. As usual, my dad […]

Just My Story (Part II)

Part I here LengChye High above the clouds, the girl turned and introduced herself, “I am Serina, daughter of Akkarin, the Royal Lord of Ceryni, a country where you truly belong.” Then she literally drew a crimson-bladed sword out of thin air and handed it to me. “This is your rightful blade. It was passed […]

Just My Story (Part I)

LengChye “It was a beautiful morning. I woke up early…” I paused, searching for ideas. Why should I wake up early? No, it couldn’t be because of school; otherwise it would not be a beautiful morning. Should it be because my parents were going out, so I will have the house to myself? Maybe I […]

Seven things to know about the Sedition Act [Poskod]

Qayzr 1. The Sedition Act 1948 is a restraining law; it tells you what not to do. Among other things, “seditious” actions can include those that have a tendency to incite hatred towards a ruler or against any government; excite people to take over any government territory using unlawful means; bring into hatred or contempt the administration […]


It is a song. But it means everything to me. The word ‘Wonderwall’ itself means the person I constantly find myself thinking about. This is how I interpret the song, about the feelings human beings get when they experience the initial stages of love and infatuation. In other words, the song “Wonderwall” is basically about […]

So, I lied

J “I think I love you.” The world stopped. Right then and there. The Earth stopped orbiting. Air particles took a long silent pause. Maybe that explains why I can’t seem to feel oxygen flowing through my lungs. I feel.. breathless. Is this how it feels to be swept away? I did not expect that […]

The Lone Traveller

_uculer It was my first solo travel. I’ve been on solo journeys before; as in being on the transport alone but I’ve never stayed at one place alone. However, I decided to stay in Perhentian for my diving license, alone. I’ve always been amazed by the whites being able to be alone on beaches before […]

A Rock From Outer Space in KL

Qayzr It was a one fine day. Ah, that was cliche. Okay, lets start off differently. It was a bad day. No, too negative. It was a gloomy day… Okay this adjective is way overused. It was a cloudy day, and people are flocking to go to see what was happening in the middle of […]

Sekali lagi, aku rayu.

Luah sekali lagi, cinta?Luah sekali lagi, sayang? Mungkin diri ini dapat pergi. Cukup dengan tangisan; Beri aku kata manisan. Talamkan hatiku dengan sentuhanmu, Sungguh itu yang aku perlu, aku mahu. Letak satu demi satu, satu per satu, Aku tahu, cuma aku yang rasa begitu. Mungkin bulan aku renung mendengar, Mendengar dan tersenyum, dan hilang. Perasaan […]


I hate you, but I can’t express it, I hate you, but I’m still smiling, I hate you, but I’m still bearing with it, I’m stuck in this dark room again and again, It is suffocating, it is very tiring, My heart had healed and rewound again, Thanks to you that stabs on it like rubbish tin, I am so weak […]

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