Friends Forever.

by Ngeh “Friends forever?” Ana smiles.  “Yeah baby, friends forever.”  Lissa kisses Ana ‘s forehead. She is sobbing. She couldn’t see Ana’s conditions. It broke her heart.  “Please promise to me, you won’t cry. I hate to see you are crying. You look uglier than my pale face who looks like zombie,” said Ana weakly. […]

Wan Step

Qayzr “Daddy, why did they call you Wan step back then?” My daughter asked. “Well, how about you get my journal, the red one, and let’s see if I can remember” I replied. “Okay Daddy!” She ran up the stairs with her little feet. X My name is Syazwan, and I’m sitting at a corner […]


Ngeh They are almost perfect: Sara and Am.  Everyone around them adored their relationship… But nothing lasts forever.  But for Sara, Am will remain in her heart forever as long as her heart still beating.  “Will you marry me?” -sara Silence. Am looked at Sara. He couldn’t understand why Sara wanted to marry with him […]


VT This I made for someone who had taught me what life is whenever I was with him, and I guess he forgot to teach me what is life whenever I’m without him. Labuan Island is the place where we met and share the joys and sadness together and funny how those things can change […]

Devil’s Catcalls

Alin Roslee “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” you said. Although it didn’t look like I wouldlet up soon. “There’s so much beauty in you,” I said, like a curious childand you’re the grown up witha sharp chinand a steady chest. Bent and exhausted but never broken. You looked like a pierin the middle of rough sea, solid […]

Is it wrong to miss you?

by Farina Adila Is it wrong to miss you? Every day is hard when it’s a day without you A day without you making fun of me A day without you loving me A day without seeing you smile because of me I wish you could still be there for me Every time I cry […]

Thoughts on Palestine

by Adila From Tumblr:People who go ‘both countries are at fault’What they think they sound like:“I’m so rational. The truth is somewhere in the middle, they’re both wrong. I’m so nuanced and enlightened with my views.”What they actually sound like:“History and context are things that do not exist to me. In whatever dimension I exist […]


by Amirul Dalaiil Kusiapkan mantera indahku Kufikir ada yang mau terpaku Terpikat dan terlalai Terpukau dan terbuai Tapi tiada. Jampiku langsung tak kena. Kubawa sini sana Tetap tiada yang sudi terima Tapi aku tahu Di luar itu pasti ada satu Perindu mantera keramatku. 00 Pin 0

Sup Buku – Bab 1: Lari Dan Berlindung

Qayzr “Kalau boleh rebus buku ni, lepas tu bagi kamu minum dapat semua ilmu ni ayah dah lama buat.”Itulah yang sering dikatakan 400-500 tahun yang lalu. Rebus buku? Buat ilmu? Sudah seratus tahun boleh buat. Tidak semudah yang digambarkan, tetapi mereka sudah temui caranya. Tapi, aku lebih rela hidup dalam dunia yang ilmu itu susah […]

Once Broken Considered Sold

Anis K.It was everything I had dreamed it would be. When we were finished, he wrapped my arms around me while I was trying to record the memory of every sensation. Under the dim light, he whispered in my ears how much he loved me.“I really want to be with you for the rest of my […]


ATQH.HS She pulled her sheets covering her body, trembling in the coldness of dawn. It was never has been that cold since the monsoon season. “It must be raining last night”, she thought. She felt aching on her back unknowing the reason. Her eyes shut still. Trying to get back to sleep, to Dreamland again […]

I Still Remember

ZnadyaI still remember the first time I caught you staring at me. I actually blushed and that was why I left that room that evening. I still remember the first thing you said to me was ‘happy birthday’. I still remember the song Everything in Its Right Place was blasting in the air and I […]

Today I Stepped On A Homeless Man

QayzrToday I stepped on a homeless man. No, I am not proud of it. It was not intentional. I have taken the path today too many times to count, he was never there before, but today I stepped on him. I would say, to save face, I almost stepped on him but I did not, […]

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