The Boy With A Million Stories

You have curiousity,You have audacity,this boy.. well this boy has stories.On and on, his lips repeatedly touched.He coloured minds and dyed souls.He believed in the worldhe believed in wordsgood and bad made irrelevanthis words were neutral,and his heart free for the thinkers,the emotionless, the lively, the brave,the scared, the scarred, and the traitors.Birth, death, unity, and […]

The Lemon Void

Home smells like it, a familiar scent of lemon.Home feels like it, a familiar bed and crisp duvet.Home looks like it, a familiar pastel colour and dim fairy lights.And above all, home is just lemony. Leaving home creates a void in me. The void empty, the void missed.And then I bring home to places I go.Making au […]

Between A-Z

Kickthenik Ziyad was waltzing in while unconsciously ruffling his brown hair, his earphones plugged in his ears, his pace steady and confident with its own rhythm, with his bag slung on his back – Mike Ross style. It was first week of college. Azalea was scanning through the books, trying to find her favoured one […]

Gilakah Afiq??

Azam Sah kau gila. Hoi, orang gila!! Siapa? Aku? Aku itu kau, maknanya kaulah yang gila. Tidak, tidak. Aku tak gila. Hehe, orang gila mana yang mengaku gila. Habis, yang waras mengaku gilakah? Ya tak ya juga. Jadi, kita ini apa? Hehehehe Hari-hari Afiq berlalu seperti biasa. Pagi-pagi dia bangun, sarapan dan menonton di ruang […]

Good Morning

Aki I prayed silently in my mind, “Please don’t let him see me.” I was walking, heads down slowly along the pavement. He turned around, finger pointing at me and shouted in a very angry voice, “Hey, loser kid!” And I stopped. I should have run. I didn’t.  He has plenty of friends in school. […]

Topeng Diri

Untuk mereka yang sudah melupakan erti cinta daripada dan kepada Tuhan. QiAlisha memilih tempat di suatu sudut di kafe itu. Dia duduk, menanti rakan karibnya datang. Malam ini mereka perlu berbincang.“Em Alisha, will you marry me?”Begitulah soalan berani mati Rafiq kepadanya seminggu lepas. Bukannya Rafiq tidak tahu bahawa dia adalah seorang yang anti-cinta. Inikan pula […]

Maggi Semangkuk

Qayzr “Maaf, awak.” Hakim berkata lembut. “Tak apa, awak. Kita duduk makan dulu, ya? Jangan fikir. Dah sejuta kali dah ni awak minta maaf, jangan risau..” Hani membalas. Hakim tahu didalam hatinya, sejuta maaf lagi tak akan menebus balik apa yang telah berlaku. Mereka duduk berdua didalam satu bilik yang bertilam tidak berkatil, beralas tapi […]

What We’re Made Of

There are many ways a soul is made up of,but mostly, it’s made up of the beginning,the starting point,and it continues.Can you hear that six-year old chuckle,that pair of eyes sparkle.Do you know how another stays at home,letting pain out of the lips?Can you see that nine-year old,playing in the garden,making fragrances out of wild […]

The Dress Code

Ahnaf Yusri‘Is the white for truth and the black for lies?’Nana laughed. Fixing her black coat.Out of all the questions, she didn’t expect the interviewer was going to ask about her attire.‘So is this an interview for a fashion or a law magazine?’ asked Nana.Khalida laughed. Tidying up her white tudung.‘We are trying a different […]

The Man in The Rain

An old man he was,maybe older than my father,who stood in the rain,for far too long. He took his time, he soaked.He then fins himself choking,in all the suddenness,this world grabs him,and he found refuge in dropping water. The water was violent,the water was direct.the water was honest,The water told no lies. Well, I wouldn’t […]

About Travelling

UculerWho doesn’t love to be able to leave their things behind (maybe just for a bit) and see the other corners of the earth? Just take a break and check-out from reality for a bit. I am lucky that I’ve managed to check-out from reality once or twice. And for that, I am grateful. I spend sometime […]


KurkurkurAll it takes is a split second. A single, solitary moment in time. One moment could change it all. And that moment, for my grandfather, came the second he got that stroke. ****************** “ Today’s a slow day huh?” , I said to my supervisor as I laid a lazy gaze upon the almost empty […]

Unexpected, Unforgettable

This is actually an essay which I wrote as English homework in Form 5. This is one of the continuous writing task for my school’s English Trial SPM 2013. If you read it and find out it’s kinda immatured, please understand that I’m only 17. ^^  Syawalynn Zain     It was a very nice and bright […]

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