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Dreamer; published poet.

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My Deathly Comminique

Kimi Funny how the things I keep most hidden right now are probably the things I’d want the people I know to discover once I leave this world. A few days ago I had a sudden thought – what if I die soon? Really soon? What if my death comes sudden and unexpected, as most […]

5 essential apps for writers on Android and iOS

Blogger/Wordpress native appsIf you’re on Blogger or WordPress, you’re in luck. The native apps are superb to get you blogging on the go. It’s simple interfaces, ability to save in draft, pulling contents that you previously saved on your desktop is a great plus. You can take pics and post them up quite easily although […]


Sang Semut Jam dinding menjengah pukul 6.00 petang. Pojan tertekan. Bukan tertekan yang bermaksud silap tekan itu. Tertekan kerana tekanan. Jalan-jalan di Malaysia tidak pernah surut dari kesesakan. Maka benarlah wadah Altimet dalam lagu Kotarayaku ; “Hidup serba laju trafik kura-kura”. Tekanan makin memuncak apabila lagu tema kemerdekaan ke-55 sudah mula ligat diputarkan di corong-corong […]

Stuff from the very recent past

AwefullyWritten has made a name for itself collecting real stories from real people all over Malaysia. Chewah. takde la, kitorang tak famous mana pun. Namun, we decided to link back the stories that made the base for AwefullyWritten back in 2009 (we actually had 5,6 stories before we disappeared completely in 2010 and reappeared in […]

Humans are buttons

faultykitten I grasp my collarbone, so prominent that it protrudes beyond the edges of the shoulders, like a wire coat hanger suspending this body, these bones. Beneath it, the rows of ribs, deeply corrugated. Then I press the back of my neck and as far down my spine as I can, to make sure the […]

Not So Bitterheart

ZMNA Let me see… while I scourer my brain, trying to think of poetic sentences for you to read, let me first begin by asking you this simple question – how long did it take for you to recover from your last heartache? I don’t intend for this story to be a sad one though. […]

Ghost aching in my bones

faultykitten For three whole years, I have held on to youLovers with too much history vs no history I have had my fair share of ghosts. They haunt me more often than I’d like to admit. And only one of them has left a bond I can no longer compare to anyone else, an opening […]

Telingkah Maya

Bahagia Pergi Epiclipse “Ha? Awak beli apa ni?” Aku terus ragu-ragu melepaskan hadiah yang patut sudah ada di tangan Saidah sekarang. “Webcam, webcam?” sudah terang lagi bersuluh. “A’ah. HD ni. Boleh kita Skype lepas ni. Senang sikit..” Aku cuba menyakinkan. “Skype? buat apa? kan kita tinggal dekat. Baik awak bagi mak awak kat Perak tu. […]

Hollow (Translated from: Kosong – Najwa Latif)

UnityThroughLyrics You only choose to see meAs somethingthat contrasts youboth your thoughts and mindYou spoke untrueYou told them they don’t know meYou have no idea either. And all the hurtful thingsyou let the world knowjust makes my heart hollow, hollow.. Every step I took you noteand twisted it in your liking, I knowjust makes my […]

It’s a Liquid Life

Qayzr Don’t you think it’s peculiar that water or liquid is both one of the easiest forms of matter to contaminate, yet it is also the most frequent matter used to purify? Think about it. Say one drop of detergent (ironically) is dropped into a glass full of drinking water, would you still drink it […]

Your cover has been blown

Anonymous When I love someone, I remember everything. It naturally happens – how I remember dates, promises, thoughts, words. What I remember most are feelings, and if I’m feeling up to it I can even go so far as to relive the said emotions. Thank God I’ve only had one romantic relationship, otherwise I’d be […]

You, M.U.

AdelineZ And my ex-boyfriend was an M.U supporter. I am supposed to be writing about the story of my ex. But honestly, I am staring at my screen for quite some time, trying to look for the plots that have had happened. This is strange. “Am I already forgetting something?” I asked myself. Suddenly I […]

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