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Dreamer; published poet.

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Les Femmes Indépendantes

Naomi Kasimir “Then you would have to work!” exclaimed my friend after hearing my response to her question about marriage. Confused looks were exchanged between us. Her views and mine were obviously opposing. In order to try and get out of this awkward situation, I tried to fathom her statement. I really did try but […]

Our First Collaboration :)

We had an oral agreement with Pauline Low, the creator of the site Pauline’s Illustrated and she agreed to convert one of the stories here in AwefullyWritten into comic form 🙂 She’s been doing this for awhile and she’s really good so we are really looking forward to this, but it has to take some time […]

My Hole of Pain

Qayzr Had too many chocolates and drank so many red bulls for last semester’s exams and now I’m here at the dentist again. I’m about to be called any time now so I’ll just be cool and read all these dental magazines.Oh, “Why tooth extraction hurts like hell?” in the front cover. Okay, this magazine […]

The Entry

Sunday, 19th June 2011 I hate this. I hate being here. I hate missing flights. It’s been 6 hours since I had last contact with a human being around the dorm. The last was when I had dinner with Zhong Fan around 9pm. He didn’t finish his potatoes and soup. His father came and he […]

My Brother, My Hero

Daniel Rainmaker “I’m sorry, Madam Williams. God loves your son more than you,” said the doctor, unemotional and monotonous. There and then, my mother broke down and cried uncontrollably. I was crying too, but I stood, gazing at the door that lead to a room. Beyond that door, lay my brother, Patrick Williams. He worked […]

That Fine Line

There’s a fine line between childish antics and immaturity,And between smartness and wisdom, There’s always a fine line between dislike and hating,And between demeaning and honesty, There’s always a fine line between a failure and failing,And between sighing and complaining, There’s always a fine line between the similar things,There’s always that fine line to clarify […]

The Colour Red II

Part one here It was seen that a girl was in front of a vending machine with a few coins in her hand. “Hmm.. Where’s the corn soya bean..” She quickly scrolls down the selection using her pupils. She inserted all her coins and waited for the machine to check it in. Just when she […]

Naomi Kasimir  It is 9am. I could feel the sun’s rays peaking through my blinds, landing on my bare shoulder. Another late night has been met with one more regretful morning. I want to sleep in for another hour but my conscience would not allow it. My housemate is still asleep and would usually awaken […]

For You

For you Hello stranger,I went to the park today,I pulled my boots,And took a deep breath. I sat at the park bench,looking at the empty seat next to me. I wondered,Where you were, and how you’re doing.Funny how you’re walking, breathing, at this very moment.Funny how I have no idea who you are,But I already […]

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