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Medical student; poet.

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Naomi Kasimir  It is 9am. I could feel the sun’s rays peaking through my blinds, landing on my bare shoulder. Another late night has been met with one more regretful morning. I want to sleep in for another hour but my conscience would not allow it. My housemate is still asleep and would usually awaken […]

For You

For you Hello stranger,I went to the park today,I pulled my boots,And took a deep breath. I sat at the park bench,looking at the empty seat next to me. I wondered,Where you were, and how you’re doing.Funny how you’re walking, breathing, at this very moment.Funny how I have no idea who you are,But I already […]

6 Ways to be Famous in TwitterJaya

Anonymust 1. Be actually famous in real life. This only works in Malaysia. Even if your role is a jealous bitch in a 9pm drama nobody really watches and you really have nothing to say, you will be followed. But don’t worry. Your ‘good morning’ and accidentally tweeting the letter ‘i’ tweets are always retweetable. […]

The old man and his metal wheel

Qayzr There was a boy, not too long ago, fascinated by a wheel on a string. People call it a yo-yo, he called it magic. There was this old man who still plays yo-yo, every day at the local park. He would just go there with a bunch of his friends and while they were […]

Rumah Ini Rumah Saya

AzzairiRosle*Rumah ini rumah saya,Awak datang sebagai tetamu,Jemputlah duduk dan buat macam rumah sendiri,Tapi ingat,Rumah ini rumah saya. Rumah ini rumah saya,Duduklah selama mana yang awak mahu,Kalau panjang umur biarlah sampai ke cucu cicit pun tak mengapa,Tapi ingat,Rumah ini rumah saya. Rumah ini rumah saya,Buatlah apa sahaja yang awak nak,Tambah dan hiaslah secantik-cantiknya,Belilah perabot untuk awak […]


Qayzr So there’s this guy who was so angry about his break up with his girlfriend so one day he woke up and decided to go to the beach at 3am in the morning to burn all the stuff she had given him, sort of like a closure ritual. It didn’t go very well. There […]


A&W She was sipping the last few drops of her fish porridge, when she caught a pair of eyes staring. The same eyes she caught last week. This time it lasted about 10 seconds, yeah I counted that through my stopwatch on my hand. Desperate enough? No, wait for my extreme ‘desperado’ vibe. I could […]


Najwa Ursilan They are called alates. One kelkatu will probably be called an alate? At the faculty today were swarms of alates (haha nak test vocab baru) flying towards the light sources. Naturally I got fascinated and began my usual staring routine. Thoughts filled my head. Like how I see them walking with their huge wings, […]

Harun Rivelino

Izham Ismail Nama aku Harun. Harun Rivelino. Aku suka makan popiah. Hari aku tak ngam kalau tak makan popiah. Pernah sekali kawan-kawan aku panggil aku Harun Popiah. Aku gertak bunuh keluarga dia orang kalau panggil aku Harun Popiah. Biasalah budak sekolah rendah, gertak sikit dah kecut telur. Biasalah budak sekolah rendah, bunuh keluarga pun boleh […]

Kosong, Mati Rasa

AdelineZ Bila tiba saatnya, semua serba tak kena. Aku kosong. Mati rasa. Dahaga akan momen-momen menekan supaya lancar berkarya. Dahaga akan semak kabut suatu luka, supaya semuanya, ada suatu prosa. Aku sedih untuk gembira. Aku gembira bila sedih. Hilang. Rasa. Mati. Jiwa. Maka perlu aku cari momen depressi? Ah, ini bukan puas. Ini kosong. Mampus […]

AwefullyFeaturing: Azzairi Rosle

This will be the first in (we hope) many features that will have in AwefullyWritten.From time to time we’ll to get outstanding youth personalities to grace the pages of AwefullyWritten to inspire our readers by sharing their works, ideas, thoughts, just practically anything we can be enlightened with. The first feature that we were able to get […]

The Colour Red

               There were two people not so far back in the past that literally treated love as a game. They played with it, but not each other. They took love as a collision of fate between two people. They tested it to its fine limits. If fate is something that is so interconnected with the […]

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