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Dreamer; published poet.

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How i wish everything changes like the time we had. I’m sorry i had to say things that needed to be said because i wanted to know the real reasons. Yes,it was harsh. Harsh enough for me to lose you forever. Alas,the saddest thing about it when you said you no longer love me.That’s so […]


Hai Ben. I know you are not gonna be able to read this, Ben. But i have missed you so much that i couldn’t help myself to come to this square screen and write something. Some things that i have been dying to tell you but i couldn’t, since you won’t understand a thing. Remember […]

Abu and I

Hi everyone It’s my first entry here. Phew,i’m not really sure why I am here but i would like to share about this particular aloof cat;Abu. Let me remind you,she is the cat that appeared out of nowhere in front of our house. At first,i fell in love with her.Her faded grey fur was not […]

Forget? Forgive?

  I don’t know if its doable. I sometimes wonder, Will you forgive me if I Did the same exact thing, To you? Or your family? Loved ones? Would you mind if I scarred them for life? Like you did, To me?   I try hard digging to my heart core, Hoping to find that […]

HAZED kind of love

Went on a date with D It feels nice he appreciate every little thing The music at the restaurant The taste of the meal he ate with me Focusing on me while waiting our food Eventhough it takes hours But phone aside Ahh he’s appreciating everything and that include me Talking with Z I love […]

I don’t want to talk about this.

I don’t want to talk about school for all they are now are just competing grades and their stupid rules.   I don’t want to talk about exam cause they all are just the vomit of what I memorised from a.m to a.m.   I don’t want to talk about studying since their definition changed […]


Reach out to me I want to sleep with a voice in my head Pick it up I want to sleep with a voice in my head Find my name in the list I want to sleep with a voice in my head Push those numbers I want to sleep with a voice in my […]

Devil In Disguise

The door creaks It was you, again Creeping silently in the darkness Hunting for the flesh Of a pristine soul A silhouette That made a soul, quiver in fear Crashing to the ground In misery and agony What a sham Concealing the misdeed With a mask of a saint If only people knew What kind […]


It is so easy to like you With every breath Every smile Every hello Even when you stare and your eyes were empty Even when you’re in a bad mood and the day felt longer Even when you stopped and never look back I still like you Pin 1


  I didn’t know it back then. That break ups caused a different kind of sadness. Not the same kind of sadness Where your siblings ate your last cookies, Or when your crush had a girlfriend, Or even when your parents punished you for Your brother’s wrongdoing.   If I knew the pain and weight […]


I am not scared of being alone. But I am worried of losing you. Losing you not to someone else, but to your new self. Slowly, you start to change. You are no longer the person that I fell in love with. You talk less. You smile less. When we together, I felt so distant. […]

It has to end

It has been more than a year, since it happened. You still had me tied with you. I tried to get away because I wanted to move on. Once in awhile, you’d text me. Trying to catch all the falling leaves, melting ice. “Hey just wondering, how did you treat your depression?” My first thought […]


I am short of height of breath and, hope – no matter how high I hop. So don’t worry I won’t be long As I don’t belong in this world of yours, where I had been lost till I lost the sense of belonging. But.. Never mind. I don’t mind. You too now are no […]

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