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22 years old - 2 books out. Read her poems exclusively on Tulis.co.

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Hey, Are You Like Me?

Hey, you there! Are you like me? Spending much time on the internet searching For any entertainment that will do. For anything that you’ve been ignorant to. For any proof that others have it much better than you. Hey, are you like me? Do you spend terrific amount of time on vacation sites, But never […]

when will i?

the moment i thought i am fine without you, the memories of us hit me again, and i couldn’t help it but to burst out tears wishing that i could turn back time to our good days. we were so in love, aren’t we? but what happened…. it hurts to think that the end were […]


i pray that when i grow up i’ll be there for my wife and kids . go to their sports day events, be their number one fan . celebrate their birthdays, embarrass them in front of their friends. cook them home food, make them miss home when they go. ask them how’s school, listen to […]


got fish bone stuck in my throat and it reminds me of when I’ve got a lot of things to say but the words can’t seem to come out my mind is telling me to get all those words out but it can’t so it stuck it hurt just like this fish bone, hurting every […]

Two Parallels

In an alternate universe Our paths collide A brilliant chaos Its beauty an acquired taste Only seen through our eyes As we drink up the sight, bottoms up It’s a sin The sweetest one we could ever imagine Yet, in this reality We are parallel lines Never intersecting For the world would implode if we […]

“Jangan fikirkan sangat”

“Jangan fikirkan sangat” Itulah apa yang kau balas dekat aku Everytime aku bagitahu problem aku “Jangan fikirkan sangat” I wish I could Tapi problem aku tu macam ibarat tengah letak aku dalam choke hold Should I just ignore it when someone’s putting me in a choke hold? Should I just ignore it when I’m deeply […]


I see you smiling so wide with stars scintillating in your eyes sometimes the laugh you try to hide but I know he tells you no lies when he says you’re beautiful and you’re the colours behind the white. I used to think I was a fool for letting you go and just run and […]


Let them go, both hatred and rage Which buried deep down the core, You might find peace and solace, During the night and in silence, No more hearing voices. Voices that has been taunting and haunting, Since suicidal thoughts starts popping, Seems like nothing are stopping, Until the day i stop listening. Pin 3

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