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22 years old - 2 books out. Read her poems exclusively on Tulis.co.

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The Eyes

Whenever I meet the eyes, Filled with sadness I wish I could drain it out. Whenever I meet the eyes, Yearned with hope I wish I could bestow on it. Whenever I meet the eyes, Screamed for solace I wish I could silent it down. I wish, I could grant them eyes the favors they […]

The Very First Kiss

Our eyes met, Our minds lingered on the bittersweet, Trying to latch on to our presence, As it seemed surreal, you and I. Our lips touched ardently, Withered away in our own self, Tasted rather comforting, Whilst our feet chained on the ground. Our warmth collided and intertwined, Our breath heavily blast, Our hearts pulsated […]


I always find myself, unsettled. Unsettled with my dreams, Unsettled with my emotions, Unsettled with myself. I do not know how to live ‘conventionally’, I do not understand ‘normal’, I do not want to be part of this ‘expectation’, I do not care if I’m ‘different’. We sail a different life, You, me, all of […]


Mama said I didn’t arrive on time, She claimed 12 days late, Ever since that day, I try to be punctual; Doctor said I shouldn’t be alive, He thought I could have drown, Ever since that day, I am afraid of water; Papa said “You are 12 years old already”, He urged It’s time to […]

First Date Poem

Wise men say, only fools rush in But I can’t help, falling in love with you. If only fools rush in, then call me an idiot. But I swear, falling for you two days after a messy breakup was the smartest decision I had ever made. We met online And going out with you that […]


It’s 11 11 and I am still lost I should’ve left that day I don’t want to keep writing about this, it makes me feel pathetic I don’t want to keep waiting either, no one is coming home That part of me is long gone and I shall go and create a new piece That […]

The Kite

I always wonder how i love you. How can someone love someone yet not themselves? Without you i’m blue, so i guess that means i am blue myself. I heard in the end we are all selfish, but in the end, i would choose you. For you, i would gladly perish, but why? I have […]


You look so calm outside. So beautiful. But deep inside who knows…   “Go ahead and end my misery”, You said to me. Maybe it’s a joke but, Are you in pain? If so, talk to me. Let me know your pain. Let me feel your pain. Let me be a part of your pain. Let me […]

Question Marks

1. I wonder, how many smiles have you forced Just to avoid spitting my name out of your mouth? Like raisins from a cookie you thought was chocolate chip. You bit off a huge part of me and now you can’t swallow, I sit on the bitter palate of your tongue- you wish you never […]

letters to Jane #1

hey you , thank you . I think you’re beautiful inside out too . And beautiful really is the word that suits you . i think i’ve been around you long enough to admire how well you treat others, to see how wide you smile when you’re happy . i want you to always be […]

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