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Dreamer; published poet.

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seperti paku

1// aku tidak pernah berjanji tapi satu, satu dekad yang lalu di atas puncak tak bernama tapi dua, dua nama – kau dan aku terukir tak bertanda hanya mungkin, puitis suaramu mengalunkan pujangga khalil gibran, disiulkan burung-burung yang malu, bersaksikan para hidup, katamu, berjanji itu seperti menelan paku, kataku, hatiku sudah terlanjur berjanji pada Tuhan, […]

A note from me

To my love, my baby, my heartbreaker, my destroyer Does she make you feel whole? or does she make you feel good about yourself?   Does she kiss you goodnight like you deserve it? when the world knows you actually don’t deserve it.   Does she cry in the middle of the night because she is […]

Our roads

This journey that we created was never ours, it was mine all along. Well it might have your name marked but it was never meant to be permanent. Just like how you were never meant to be my forever after all. Pin 2

One Day

Maybe one day I can stop fantasizing about us being together and actually focus on myself more rather than finding another Because truth have been told my world would not be the same again Either with you being an option or even my main I screwed up big time so now there is nothing left […]

All Alone

“‘what don’ kill us, makes us stronger’… A JOKE. What don’ kill us… Eats us ALIVE. Body… And soul.” – Batman Damned   We hurt. And pain the only thing we share. Life is so unpredictable. Never know what’s coming… Some days are just bad days. At some point, we’re missing pieces of ourselves. Only […]

Confusing signs

I never thought, one day I will fall for someone this hard? and the sad thing is, I fell for the wrong person. you are arrogant, narcissistic, egoistic and all the bad personalities, but I keep reminding myself all your good traits instead. All my friends asked me to stay away from you, even my […]

the incident

you only like me when i am a good girl you like me when i get good scores you like me when my name is called out for arwards in school you like me when my aunties and uncles says that im such a brilliant one but you dont like me when im being difficult […]

You think so little of me

I appreciate every little effort you put on me. From the time we had spent together, till money you had wasted on me. Thank you for all the things you had bought. I cherished every each of it. I still keep the watch and ring nicely in their box. The shoes you bought for me, […]

Mantra : Fuck it !

Bicara tentang kau, all I need is to recall back the weekend we’d spent together. You came all the way from Damansara via train just to ride the same train with me. 2 hari sebelum, i did asked if you will wear shirt for our next outing but knowing you – I know that you […]


Hey there  Temporary man. You came just in time; not too early nor too late. Not too fancy with words, not to hard in gaining attention. As simple as it may sound, that is exactly how you slipped into my world. I’ll call you TM for now, short form for Temporary Man. When you came […]

dear ex best friend.

dear ex best friend, “why, why, why?” “what did i do?” “why did she cut me off?” these thoughts often run through my mind like a shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) everytime i see your face, your tweets or even the slightest mention of your name. it doesn’t just run through my mind once, sometimes twice, […]

Mana mungkin.

Mana mungkin aku yang kau cari. Bodohnya aku mengharapkan kau. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh yang kau tak pernah serius dalam perbuatanmu. Abaikan, itu yang aku lakukan. Doakan aku kuat untuk pergi. Dari awal aku patut tau, kau tak pernah menginginkanku. Kau hanya ingin memainkan hatiku. Aku terlalu mudah mungkin? Terlalu mudah sehingga kau menjadikanku bahan […]

Aku tak kuat

Aku anak kecil yang tidak punya apa2. Semuanya mama punya. Jika aku bawa diri. Kemana harus aku pergi? Aku tak punya uang. Aku tak punya apa2. Aku cuma punya sekeping hati. sekeping hati yang ingin merasai kebahagiaan. Kebahagiaan bersama keluarga. Ya keluarganya.Sekarang. Aku penat. penat sangat . Kepala aku berat. Fikiranku tidak fokus. Airmata dan […]

Fake love is love still.

“Why were you in love with me?” He wondered. His morning coffee sat quietly beside his toast, unstirred and unflavoured. “I honestly don’t know.” She replied. “I feel that, maybe ‘we’ could’ve worked out.” “But we both knew how it would end. We knew we weren’t made for it. Life is too easy for it […]

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