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Medical student; poet.

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The Epitome of Everything

You are a cluster of everything i crave. Brilliance, maturity and a little bit sense of humour.   You are a group of everything i believed in. Your words, your thoughts and your undying love.   You are everything i love about the stars above us a beautiful mess, about the sea upon us serenity […]

Cheer Up

Cheer Up   When you want to give up Always look up Make better make up As you grow up Remember to cheer up Before you back up   When time count up As  you speed up Always cheer up And all suit up Before you follow up Life is nothing but a mix up […]

second one to know

Let us not talk about what if , or only if because obviously that is not going to happen. The more we grieve about it , the distance with are with reality. Right now we both know, there is nothing can be done here. We can’t move to the right ; a best friend and […]

Self-Taught Child

“Where did you learn this?” Most would ask me this. A 22-year old who could crochet bags, pouches and much more. People was amused as it was not a common hobby here in Malaysia plus a young-adult?. My answer would always be “My mom, she was a start” She is. She is a start to […]

My Best Man Getting Married.

rq – Here is what I wanted to write to my best man who is getting married. You were once my wonder wall, And now you are hers. You were once my best mate, And now you are hers. The days and times we have spent together, Seems like long ago. And it really was. […]

Love – Real Talk

Ever since little we’ve been bombarded about stories of Disney’s princess and the tale of Romeo and Juliet; Of how love is this great energy, force, or power that transcends all thing we can understand. Of how we should spend our lives searching for this gift we’ve born to find; Only to realise real world […]

Why are you not here

Why are you 4 hours away I want you here and stay when my heart is at the lowest or even when I’m highest I just want you here anyway.   Why are you only in this rectangular glass, coming from a small tiny hole. And the warmth of your hugs  replaced by the heat […]


i can already feel how my week is going to be. shitty as any other week. i can already feel my presence being unwanted. friends turning their backs, smiles turning to frowns. im needed only when wanted, till im used i no longer matter. i serve no purpose as a friend, there is nothing i […]

Calm down little heart

Calm down little heart For everything that you’re scared as of now, Calm down little heart. For everything that makes you anxious every moment every day, Calm down little heart. For the nights that you thought would never end, For everything that you feel like burning inside, For the storm that you know will one […]

but why

you are gone. we are nothing now. but tell me, why do i feel like im cheating on you when i talk to other guy? but tell me, why do i feel like im hurting you when i reply to the other guy? but tell me, why do i feel like you still own me? […]


Defensive according to Mr. Google was ” very anxious to challenge or avoid critism ” “Always put others first.” My mom used to say that, she was worried that I might not make friends or I was too bold for the world. Sadly there’s a negative side of it, I became soft. In an argument, […]


Love makes you stupid. I cant deny it. But i cant help to feel. I’m denying it then but i can’t deny it now. Not after all this. But you’re not here. Im not there.  You’re with her and i, well i… You’re the love of my life, you’re my best friend. I know I’m […]

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