“Do you know why you’re here?” A click of a pen followed suit, the tip readied itself above the pages of a worn-out leather-skinned journal. Her voice was deep and calm, probably achieved by years of training and practicing to aid in her profession. “I want to get better.” I’ve lost count how many times […]


I don’t know what is happening. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what’s the purpose. I no longer wait for days or weeks or months or years. I no longer have any excitement to continue living. I’ve been waiting, eagerly very, for the day that I’d leave. I see nothing good if […]


Do whatever your heart leads you to do, get laid and leave your brothers behind you. you can escape your worries and for awhile, be free. but you won’t be able to escape feeling empty. take a deep breath, and let it go. not just your breath, but all the things you hid because of […]


The sweet irony of wanting a companion to fight your battle with you but being too scared to let them meet the monster. Because you are afraid that they might quiver in their armor and drop their swords at first sight, leaving you alone once again to face the stalemate that’s slowly turning the tables […]

That Day I Stepped On A Flower And Let It Live

You were a bud, a sickly one I was the Winter that should have been your last But however cold that I was You melted all the white dust They gathered all over your roots Smothered you All over your stalk Smothered you All over your leaves Smothered me I changed into Spring And nurtured […]

Give it up

One day, suddenly I decided to choose you as someone dear to my heart. It’s my fault by choosing you. I invest everything that I can. I give u everything that I’m able to. I invest too much emotion in this. I put too much efforts. Finally, I guess u realize my efforts and u […]

i’m not a toy

i thought that was the end & i finally move on from you. but i was wrong, you come back to me. i thought you wouldn’t be the same after you come back to me. i thought you will treat me like a princess, but it’s no longer. you changed after 2 months. it hurts. […]

For You♥

Nobody can say you only think about yourself, For I have seen the tears you shed for them. Nobody can say you think too much about everything, For the Queen in the battle is you, not them. If you want to talk about anything, I’ll listen without asking. If you want to stay in the […]


tiada kata dalam kamus dewan bahasa untuk mengungkapkan rasa yang terbit di dalam jiwa dikelilingi begitu ramai manusia dalam dunia yang begitu mengejar segala mengajar aku bahawa tidak semestinya materi itu berharga aku yang cuma ingin merasa bebas menghirup udara yang tidak menyesakkan dada namun aku jua mengerti bahawa tidak akan ada kata yang dapat […]


Mother Her mother is crying in the driver’s seat. She had asked for wrapping paper for her books, which her mother forgets amidst everything else and now her mother is angry at them both. My mother is so very human and I am such a child, she thinks. She is seven years old, and she […]

28 Jun 1991

Last 28th of June was my 27th birthday. Yes, 27 freaking years old already! Orang lain macam-macam dah achieve when they reach this age and here I am just starting over. No, I’m not mengeluh and not being bersyukur. Really really am bersyukur and feel blessed for what I have. Thank you Allah for giving […]

Just you.

I’m not okay. I want to be. I ought to be. But I’m not okay. I keep imagining you with another girl in your arms I keep imagining you tagging her in funny videos and memes with your usual “Sayang! tengok ni!” I keep imagining you planning your future with another woman. And it hurts […]