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The Cottage On The Cliff.

U: You do know that “sayang”, “cinta” and “love” have different meanings right? M: Yes, i do. I know that i “sayang” him, i cared for him, but it hasn’t gone pass “cinta” or “love” yet. U: How about him? M: I know that his feelings for me are between the last two. . It […]

Feeling 01

Have you ever feel like you don’t know what you want in your life? I think I have quite an okay career to keep living. But I don’t feel happy because I’m not into what I’m doing and at the same time, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t have hobby or interest […]

I Will Do Better Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be better. I will do better. But where do I start ? What do i really want ? What am I here for ? Now I am scared, confused, and mad. It’s already tomorrow yet I am everything but better. Sigh. Not again. Not this dark pit again. Dont yell. Dont […]

I am ruined

I am ruined I got nothin’ to lose no more No cuts will wound me worse No men will hurt me better I am ruined I have seen ‘nough to suffer I have heard ‘nough to ache I have had ‘nough to weep How is this fair, God ? How does this make me greater […]


I’ve been eyeing on you for awhile, You look happy, always putting on a smile. I’ll spark some hate, to make you insecure, and the next day you’ll loath yourself for sure. Im in your room, darker than the shadow, accompanying you at night, wiping away all your sorrow. I didnt cause your sadness, it […]

Preamble Depiction

I’m deeply invested in you. How can be this way I have no idea. My head is fully occupied with this incoming election. And family to put on top. Glad work at the office is manageable. But still as the clock turning, there’s you in some part of my head. I remember you want to […]

Sajak untuk Kekasihku, Pahlawan Abad ke-21

Wahai pahlawanku, Jangan kau rasa dirimu tak pernah cukup, Kerana hakikatnya sifat kuat dan kaya itu, Haruslah kau letak di dalam dadamu dan sisip pada ilmumu, Hiasilah pakaianmu dengan gemerlapan budi, Biar kau siap ke lapangan nanti, Nampak tampan kemas dengan akhlak terpuji, Berdirilah kau laksana seorang perwira, Yang tetap berani dalam cermat memilih langkah. […]

Cheer Up, Big Boy!

It’s okay to cry You’re human too Erase all those memories So you can ease the burden on your shoulder Oh what a bummer The world is cruel as it is But thank you for being strong And I know you always are Just wanna tell you this It’s gonna be fine Everything’s gonna be […]


I’m looking for somebody That I can call my other half He doesn’t need to have muscular calves, Or a chiselled jawline with cheekbones so dreamy As long as he is pleasant to my eyes Looks good wearing glasses or without it Has good manners, won’t resort to telling me white lies I will love […]

Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

  Nasi Goreng Pattaya pun ada prinsip tersendiri walaupun beza dia dengan Nasi Goreng Ayam hanyalah balutan telur yang di-zig-zag-kan dengan sos cili sebagai hiasan (kadang-kadang berbentuk hati). Prinsip dia buat diri dia tertonjol daripada yang lain dan istimewa untuk siapa diri dia sebenarnya. Engkau tak boleh sewenang-wenangnya nak ambil nasi goreng biasa dan makan […]


Slowly, my hands traced the tape that sealed the box tight I nervously opened the package you sent I knew instantly the moment I saw the floral shirt I gave to you for your birthday I remembered wanting to give you a surprise and it still upsets me that I couldn’t make it happen A […]

letters to Jane #2

hey Jane, I hope things are going well over there. Things aren’t so well here though, you’ve probably already sensed it. For a supergirl like you, it was probably so obvious its as if you’re seeing me in front of your very eyes. Things aren’t so well at home. I’m just a little lost, everyday […]

Young Hearts

Two young hearts, our young hearts. We love with our youth, the time when everything seem so pretty yet fragile, we cry our hearts out, wondering how can our young hearts able to feel this sort of hurt. Perhaps that’s what youth really means, to be in love, to be in pain. So our young […]

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