To dearest old me

To dearest old me, I miss you. But I can’t go to you like the old time, I can’t cherish you how much I want. Because I need to be new. No, this world forced me to be to. All this time, You have been strong enough training me to be this new. You have […]

Not who they perceived

“Hello, I’m a decent person on the outside. God knows how chaotic it is on the inside. But it’s fine, I’m fine, at least I won’t tell you otherwise. Because I’d be damned if I let even a single word slip by.” How many times have you repeat these sentences As if it isn’t enough to […]

Malaysia Baru

aku anak muda, yang memangkah biru muda, bukan kerana liberal nya aku, bukan kerana munafik atau kafir, atau aku lebih mulia, atau aku yang paling betul, tetapi kerana 5 tahun dahulu yang aku tunggu , untuk tidak sakit melihat manusia bersusah sangat memikul beratnya hidup, terus jadi berat selepas yang sama juga menang. 5 tahun […]


There is a time That you will lose your light, You will talk to yourself, You will ask yourself, Why you did this, Why you choose this, Sit back and think, Remember the purpose, That makes you choose to cross this endless and dark bridge, Knowingly that it won’t be easy. Well I hope you […]

Mum, i need your help.

Mum, someone hurted your daughter. The tears wont stop falling. Mum, help. Right now i feel so broken. The pain is unbearable. What should i do mum ? Why does love cost me this much ? I just wanted him to love me back, the same way, the same amount or maybe more but not […]

Whilack Pearl

Hi, I have been searching Where should I cherish this pieces Where should I keep this pearl So that people know So that they learn I guess now I know Pin 0

The herbs.

Ahh man, this feel so good. Have you ever lie on your bed, the bed that you’ll sleep on everyday but this time it’s magically comfy. The weather is great with the shine from the sun. Wait, I guess that’s why people call it sunshine, because it’s the shine from the sun! Ah-ha new things […]

how to be happy

What makes a relationship work? What is the most fundamental thing you need to have in order for a relationship to last? What do you have to offer, to make sure things turn out ok? yourself. You have to give up yourself. You have to give up putting yourself first, and thinking of the benefits […]

Photographs and Memories

Whenever I looked at your photohraphs, it felt as if you were smiling at me. And when I looked at our photographs, I remember it used to give me tingles, a happy feeling. But now, I get a different feeling. That smile is for someone else. That look is for someone else. Pin 1

Pick your venom.

It’s amazing really how two contradicting things works in the same spectrum. Notice how getting so used to being alone eventually become toxic to you; because solitude and alone-ness itself is a venom? (psychologically proven). And notice how getting emotionally attached can also cause deindividuation, as you forget how you live in this world without […]

wash away the rain

If one day I am gone, can someone please pass my mother a set of my unwashed clothes? I noticed how it helped her cope with the lose of my Atuk. I think it’s the smell – the smell invokes presence, like that someone is still there. I don’t care so much about my belongings […]

insan maya

hanya maya cara kita bersapa, bertemu muka hanya sekali dua, dari aksara mu hingga menjadi bait ayat, tiap isinya penuh cakna dan kerisauan, walau hidupnya bergolak, dia kekal mendongak walau hidup, tak seindah dunia, dia terus cekal dan kehadapan, meski onak duri penuh bisa, dia perempuan tabah, walau dunia ini sementara. Pin 0

free like a bird

You gave me wings, Taught me how to fly, As if I won’t fly away from you. You kept me inside, I have never seen The blue skies And sparkling stars. You let me drown In your lust That full with hopes and dreams. Just like fairy tales, Nothing is real. Love me as I […]


Pagi ini setelah pulang kerja aku terus pecut ke rumah dia untuk menghantar dia ke tempat kerja. Sambil memandu aku menanyakan dia soalan. “Siapa nama lelaki itu?” *sambil melihat aku* “…….” “Why?” “I ada hak untuk diam” Aku tidak tahu apa yang harus aku rasakan. Keliru, cemburu, kecewa semua dalam satu. Adakah dia masih perlukan […]


I woke up wanting to kiss you, Even though I tahu you’re not there, My bed empty and cold from missing you, So I tarik selimut to keep you before you hilang into thin air; I woke up wanting to taste your words, Every letter manisnya di bibirku puts a smile on my face, As […]