The Beach And You

The sun set down, Bringing all the lights out, We were the witnesses Of the beautiful disaster. Then there we sat on the sand In the dark and quietness I see your face through the moonlight, Put your arms around my shoulder. The rain come pouring Hitting both of us, You build us a shelter, […]

Black Hole

The universe are cruel, Only the planets and stars Survive in the outer space. But you can wear a spacesuit And be my spaceman. My heart falling fast as shooting stars, The infection burst into supernova, I’m drowning in your spicy lava, Slowly turning into black hole. I’m floating nowhere Without your invisible gravity To […]

Sick and Twisted mindset

Have you ever felt like bad things happend because someone screwed up? But in reality, it was all you. You messed up something but cant seem to blame yourself. You choose to be ignorant. You choose to blame others, for things that you did. Kept on reminding yourself, that you didnt do anything wrong. Kept […]

Gone :)

You said I was your everything But you left saying nothing You told me I was your favourite hello But you chose to not saying goodbye You begged me to love you as much as you do But you preferred to stop when I do Is it me who was too late? Or you that […]

[ unsent letter #3 ]

for you, the one that i loved a lot. the one that made me feel all sort of things. to be in love and to be loved by you were the happiest moment of my life. i was so happy that i met you. you came into my life unexpectedly. the fact that i didn’t […]

[ unsent letter #2 ]

this is for you, a guy that i only known for quite some time but i already called you my friend. there’s not much i could say, but you were someone that came into my life and you were always there for me when i was ‘sick’. you were there to make me laugh. you […]

[ unsent letter #1]

this is for you, someone that i called my best friend, my soulmate, my one and only listener. i know, you might be confused what happened between us as we both stopped talking but just know that it was not your fault. never. it was me and my bullshits. lol. you were a great friend […]

Only Then

When you see the sunset, Will you remember me? When you see a couple sitting together, Will you think what should we do? When you see me in front of your eyes, Would your heart skip a beat? I’ve only like a person before but I am sure that I’ve never love someone like you, […]

Hope there is no birthday-day

I don’t like having birthday. Whenever my birthday is coming, i feel scared. Everybody hopes to be happy on their own birthday. Yes, that’s why. That’s why i hate it. I hope i don’t feel sad whenever my birthday comes. I’m scared if I feel sad on my own birthday. Hoping too much will make […]

Why I Hate Tired

I hate when I get tired, A second I wanted to laugh, And the next I want to cry, When I don’t feel like it, I would scream. So sudden everything goes through my mind, I would be in a sudden anxiety & depression. I want to be at par wirh my friends, But sometimes […]

Sheep Song

i speak as if there is no god and people are enraged dying is not a fear nor a destination it is a wish on lonely nights i pray not for company in fact, i never even pray i am content with my solitude blanketed by somber breeze and polluted skies spiced up with a […]

Ghost (All Of You)

The day were bad, The day were rough, Till you showed up Lighten my happiness. Keep it to myself. I still remember, Every kiss, Every night, You got the whole of me But I never got you. Take me back To the good old days, Where you and me Sharing one sided love. I would […]


Under the tress, We made love. Losing ourselves off, On the grass Beneath the blue skies. Paint me a rainbow, I’ll make you bloom Over the fall, Buzzing all around, Even in the dark. Sticky and sweet, Our love is. My little honey, Even the seasons change, But our love stays the same. Taken from […]

Im back😆

Hello there! Its been a while since the last time i wrote something up here. I guess it was because i havent had any episodes. But not tonight. Hahaha. Tonight, i was feeling a lil gloomy. Most prolly because its the time of month hahah plus other issues as well. Moving on, i would like […]