Amulet of Airian

“Mastura honey, I told you to come early for room registration day but now look what happened. You’re late and now all the good rooms had been taken” Marnisah nagged to her younger sister while taking her stuff from the car.”Relax sis, I don’t mind getting any rooms as long as it’s clean and acceptable” […]


Kau pembawa sinarku Jangan biar cahaya ini pudar Aku tak mahu kau hilang Aku tak ingin lagi menetap di lorong hina   Seribu kata maaf pun takkan pernah cukup untuk membaiki hati Aku tahu itu Action speaks louder than word kan sayang? Maka, I will continue to love you better and better each day. Janji. […]


Malam ini sunyi Tidak seperti selalu Aku menanti notifikasi darimu Notifikasi muncul Tetapi hal yang kita bincangkan adalah tentang kebodohanku   Salah aku kerana mengecewakanmu Salah aku kerana tidak berfikir panjang Aku bodoh, aku tahu Aku tak layak dicintai   Namun apa yang ku tahu Aku amat menyayangimu Aku takkan pernah mampu menjalani kehidupan ini […]

you took me for granted

You took me for granted. It’s been more than 3 months. I’m tired of having you in my mind, I’m tired of always having Dec 20th 2019 playing over and over again in my head. I hate myself for not being able to get over you, over what you did. I hate myself for not […]


I miss you Yes, I do miss you. I miss our little argument, I miss your ranting, I miss your little problem, I miss your concern, I miss your hardwork to be a doctor, I miss giving you strength, I miss calming you, I miss giving you advice. Everytime I give myself a ‘short time’ […]


My name is Flynn and I am 19 years old. That night, I was taking the bus home from university. Usually I would wait for the weekend or at the very least during the day to make the trip but not this time. My dog just died a couple of hours ago and I needed […]


I draw the curtains open, unlock the window, let the sunlight in and kiss my bare skin softly.   The trees are waving welcoming at me while the birds greet me with their cheerful chirping.   I can feel  the fresh breeze dancing through my hair, then I breathe it deep into my lungs.   […]

grown accustomed.

my heart beats to the rhythm of your favorite song. my mouth utters the lines of your favorite book. my eyes, they glimmer to every sight your name. my hands, though further away always try to find yours.   you mold yourself to the curves of my edges. i inspire the air you expire. the […]


I do not want to hurt you anymore I do not want to be the one causing you sore I never want a farewell But I do not want to make your eyes swell, again Sorry for making you cry Maybe i should keep my distance from you forever I should keep this ship of […]

A call for a journey

Until then I really have no plan to fix things around me I guess. The only plan that I have in mind was to follow my guts (even I get confused at my guts constantly) and to just follow the flow. I have so much goal. So much wants that I want to achieve. I […]

To Noah

When you feel stranded on a stranger’s land, Trust that, I’d be standing- there holding out my hand. When growing up feels too confusing, Turn to me, bud, for tales you’ll find amusing. When people say stuff, you wish you’d understand, no matter how rough, there’s nothing we can’t withstand. And when you have doubts, […]

You vs Me

“Love it when your name pops up,” you said.   Love it when just your existence, flutters my heart. but to say there are butterflies feels like an understatement. There are fireworks, exploding in every chamber of my heart, electric through the gushing of my blood. and thunder from the firing of my nerves.   What more, […]

rendang & kerisik

Kerisik merupakan salah satu bahan penyedap rasa yang cukup terkenal dalam masakan-masakan orang Melayu. Ramuannya mudah tapi hendak menyiapkannya cukup renyah. Bukan apa, boleh menguji daya sabar dan ketahanan diri, lagi-lagi kalau hendak memasak rendang untuk sekampung. Asasnya adalah kelapa yang diparut putih kemudian disangai atau digoreng tanpa minyak sehingga garing di atas api kecil […]

Perempuan dalam Puisi

Perempuan  dalam  puisi, Yang hendaknya cuma punya kamu disisi, Kenapa masih tidak engkau mengerti, Cuma kasih dan masa dipinta, Tanpa terlihat meminta, Kerna bimbang di dusta .   Sudah beberapa purnama, Malamnya tanpa gelak tawa, Hati sepi sayu rindukan kamu, Namun tiada ruang bertemu .   Puisi ini buatmu, Perempuan itu kamu, Dan aku mahu […]

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