There are greater disasters than a disease

I am trying to think of a greater disaster what could possibly be worst than feeling my body rot with disease at 22 plenty of things, probably and I know it is not much but I have not been able to hold a bottle properly; my joint could not bear the weight of water it […]


I look at you and I start to see, All the what if’s and what could be’s, I look at you and my heart sets free, Trapped before, now finally released. In my sleep, my dreams are of you, Of you and your smile, of you being silly, In my sleep, my wishes come true, […]

Funny thing

Funny thing. This four letter word, “Love” I mean, what does it even mean? Fluttering butterflies and the universe in their eyes? Daydreams about how they look so fine in that crisp white shirt and blue tie? Reminding yourself to breathe when they look your way And pray and pray that you don’t say Anything […]

I didnt mean to hurt you

Yesterday was supposedly to be our day. But Ive hurt him so bad Asked for a break up , heartlessly just because I didnt get enough attention The fuck am i thinking? Why am i so selfish when he did nothing wrong But little did he know, its hard for me too . I was […]


Rindu- Namun EGOIS menguasai diri. Benci- Namun bukan pada DIRI Bukan juga pada KAU Tapi pada SITUASI Sebab SITUASI punca dinding berdiri teguh ditengah tengah KEMAHUAN. Lemah- Aku pasrah Aku akur pada SITUASI Lalu EGO bersorak menang. Pin 0

Please come back.

I miss you, Your skinny hands, Your wide smile, The sparkles in your eyes, I miss you, I miss how you called me, Your voice, Your wishes, Your complaints, Your rants, I miss you, I miss walking next to you, Talking to you, Telling stories of sort, I miss being far away from home, To […]


I envy those whose fathers are still alive. Mine passed away years ago. It was as if the colourful day turned pitch black, all of a sudden. You didn’t know that was your last time seeing him conscious and walking around, it would be the last time you talk to him, eat with him, spend […]

Frightening reality

What is happiness? Well, It used to be a place, That rotted away by time, It then became a person, That left me behind, Soon I realized happiness is nothing, It’s inert, Words, symbols, and letters, It used to have meaning, Not anymore, Now it’s dead, Left without any significance, To be used purely in […]

talk. listen, and talk.

im getting tired of having to take care of myself, on my own i have no source of comfort anymore, i dont know where to run when i feel like i messed up im tired of faking that im happy i hate the fact happiness is only momentary, a little distraction from my sadness i […]

Do notice me.

I signed up here, just because i remembered there were two poems about me, wrote by a guy, in here. I miss him. I really do. Deeply, honestly, i’m battling with myself. Every. Single. Day. I hate him. But… I could not stop loving him. My friends said to let him go. But they didn’t […]

Something sweet for my bitter self

You have been off limits Haven’t even crossed my mind even. But lately you’ve been featuring too much in both my dreams and daydreams. It’s true when they say that pictures won’t do you justice. Because you’re so much more than your looks. It’s when the rooms brighter when you’re in it. When you joke […]


Frustration doesn’t even begin To cover the feeling of Worthlessness When you’re bound to your seats By the shackles on your feet When your peers move by leaps and bounds You’re being buried deep underground You began to understand Why people laugh when they’re in pain It’s when it hurts so much That even your […]


Where’s the fun in rationality? You turn me into something I’d never want to be You make me seek, you make me long You make me drown, lovesick in the chaotic sea I created myself You make me a child You make me stupid – you make a doctorate worthless with me wanting to know […]