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Medical student; poet.

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truth or dare

truth or dare?  dare?  i dare you to tell me the whole truth.  truth?  how fast do you fell out of love?  remember? we used to play it so much. truth?  did you play it with her too? truth?  did you felt the same way when you were with me?  dare?  i dare you to […]


i searched in google for a certain words in spanish so when i tweet it it will feel less sad but i clearly understand at that moment i am very sad which is makes me truly understand i am nobody every words that come out cuts through people’s throat every face that i met will turned […]


I let myself embrace this wicked hunger That keeps hunting me like a wild thunder My mind then begins drifting into the dark sky Is this what it feels like? To die? But I still breathe you and take you in Until I willingly become a part of you Cold shiver crawls on my icy […]

was it hope or anything else

we always thought, that when we give in so much that we would get something back in return.  that’s what we always do, we hope. but they never actually tell you that hopes can actually kill. not physically.  it could ache every single part of you, and every single inch of happiness left in your […]

I’m sorry that I love you

Dear you, I’m sorry that I love you. Despite knowing everything about you, I still fall for you. I know that your love can’t never be for me. I swear I didn’t realise when it happened, and honestly it took me weeks to actually admit that I love you. I talk about you to a […]

13 December 2018

I am Kiara and I thought today, or this semester would be different that the rest, I thought I have chosen a buddy that would help me for the rest of the semester. Oh, how I was wrong to put my positive judgements on it. Its been a rough week for all students this time […]

Surat cinta: Satu

Ke hadapan rajahati saya, Saya menulis surat ini kerana nama awak masih segar dalam hati dan fikiran saya. Walaupun pertemuan kita ditakdirkan bukan untuk selamanya, tapi saya gembira. Senyuman awak sentiasa buat saya jatuh cinta lagi dan lagi. Awak ketawa tapi saya yang meloncat gembira. Awak sakit tapi saya yang derita. Awak hilang tapi saya […]

Black Hole

There’s a dark pulsing vortex somewhere in my conscience, it pulls with a strong gravity the entirety of my being. A vacuum of nothingness, that eats away at me bit by bit by bit. It’s a black hole, specifically design to devour my sanity. I think everyone carries their own versions of this ‘black hole’. […]

Miss You Proper

how do i teach myself to not want. have i not done all that i can fuck i went from begging you to begging myself. and it wears me out to speak so loudly of you. to speak of you at all. see me bleed out and splatter i’ve been clawing at myself. ask me […]

Where Should I Belong

Where Should I Belong?   If there is anything that I am good at, surely it will be waiting.   It had been two weeks since I left that dark and cramped box and lived here.  My spirits brightened upon sitting on the “new arrival” section. However as time passed by, new generation replaced me […]

[TW] Still

Do you remember last year, When I prayed for death, I kept saying without fear, To give me your wrath? I’m alive still though not sure why, But I’m barely living a good life, I wonder still when will I die, More often than I wonder if I’ll be a wife. You see I’m not […]


Serjat luka teruk malam itu. Dia sukar duduk.   Sejak menimba ilmu dengan Pak Meon, jurus dan aksi teman lelakinya makin hebat. Tajam dan berkesan.   Usai pusingan ketiga, mereka berhenti. Siap menggabi, mereka sambung lagi. Pin 0

Berlari dalam kotak insaniti

Aku bukanlah seorang penulis. Hanyalah seorang wanita yang ingin didengari, waima selalu menyendiri, seperti radio yang bunyinya bagai menunggu hari. Aku disini bukanlah untuk menceritakan soal pilunya hati disakiti kekasih ‘sejati’. Kerana bagiku, pilu itu semua kisah dulu, kisah lalu, yang cuma buat diriku haru dan biru. Kisah hari ini, adalah kisah sepi. Sepi seorang […]

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