I let myself embrace this wicked hunger
That keeps hunting me like a wild thunder
My mind then begins drifting into the dark sky
Is this what it feels like? To die?

But I still breathe you and take you in
Until I willingly become a part of you
Cold shiver crawls on my icy skin
Dragging me away from what’s true.

Deeper and deeper I start falling
Even though your love is terribly suffocating
I can tell that this is becoming dangerous
But why can’t I seem to swim to the surface?

I need this sweet addiction
Cause you are magnificent,
What a curious affliction!

I want to go higher in this fantasy
So let me devour the sacchariferous ecstasy
No, I dont want your diagnose
cause even I can’t stop this longing overdose.

I think. I feel. I write. Welcome to my reality.
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